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  • [ Togetic's gender was never confirmed in the anime. However, in Pokemon Stadium 2, it's female, confirming my belief that she's female.

    Anyways, I don't know many people supporting JoyShockShipping, I'm the only one I know who truly supports it. ]
    I wasn't so sure at first, but I quickly grew to love Sylveon as a Pokémon and new Eeveelution.
    I know exactly what you mean! That's the reason I have ever-changing teams in all my Pokémon games.
    [ No need to apologise, I just hope we can talk a bit more in PMs today.

    It's cool that friends were willing to cooperate.

    Why did you never do Whiscash yet? It's your favourite! ]
    [ Cute cosplay! How did others react to it? I think it's cute and accurate, and I like the Bulbasaur plushie! Is this your only Pokemon cosplay, or do you have other Pokemon ones too?

    Are you going to sleep now, or would one more PM be possible? ]
    I know which ones I want, but still trying to decide on just 6.
    Y: Delphox, Talonflame, Aurorous, Gogoat, Heliolisk, Dragalge/Goodra
    X: Greninja, Noivern, Tyrantrum, Pyroar, Trevenant, Avalugg
    [ Understandable. And I'd never act like you'd ignore me if you don't reply for a while, I understand. ]
    [ Do you like Gyarados?

    Anyways, do you think you'll be online often this evening? I'm asking it because you're fun to talk to so far, judging by the PMs. ]
    I know all the new Pokémon, too! I'm know as a "Master" in my family, but I don't think I'm that good yet.
    Nice names!
    It was funny watching her try to fly. =P
    I used to have my team on SoulSilver named after them, so I might do that again.
    [ Well, they're longer, but the time you use for multiple VMs can be put in one interesting PM... Anyways, I'm in the last year of the Dutch equivalent of high school/secondary school, and then I'll 99% certain go study journalism, which will take four years.

    Anyways, I hope that if we're both online for a while now, that we can do some PMing this evening (evening for me). ]
    [ Thanks! Now you're typing VMs, would you also be able to type PMs now? If not, I understand, but I thought "if she has time to write multiple VMs in a row, why not a PM?" ]
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