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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2014
Mar 7, 2011
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White2011 was last seen:
Jan 8, 2014
    1. dewey911p
      lol, fair enough. Can I interest you in some 4 IV'd pokemon?

      Also, your PM box is full
    2. dewey911p
      I have a shiny Foongus if your interested. Would you be willing to trade Mega stones for Houndoom, Aggron, and Mewtwo Y as per your post in the item trading thread?
    3. Mudkipz_Lulz
      Sorry, it says your PM is full.

      That Eevee is bold natured with egg move wish
    4. Profesco
      Hiya, White2011. If you still have that Japanese Helioptile, I might be interested in trading you one of the Ditto you requested. But if it's not too much trouble, can I ask about the IV spread of the Helioptile?
    5. SunTea07
      please read your pm
    6. MetalSonic
      Is your Azurill flawless?
    7. Kyiri
      Shiny. Your Shellos and Marill are done. :) Holler whenever!
    8. Kyiri
      Pacific time zone, I have to go be a mom for a bit, later this evening or tomorrow would be best for me. I hope you like shiny.
    9. Kyiri
      Your Marill is just about done, and, your Shellos is done. Apologies it took me a bit, real life is making me sssslllooooowwwwww. Let me know a good time to trade! You can always PM me. :)
    10. Kyiri
      I'll see what I can hatch up. :)
    11. Kyiri
      Yep, just about done with your Marill -- any particular nature you need, if I happen on it? And is this your final pokemon to EV train and battle with, or a chain in your own breeding program?
    12. Kyiri
      Hey there, saw your VM on my side of things! I can breed you a Shellos, but, Superpower is not on its list of possible Egg Moves. Is there another move you needed, or another species you can use?
    13. domhart94
      what would u want for ur shiny roserade
    14. zapface23
      18/8/31/20/31/28 :d
    15. zapface23
      Hey, Nevermind about the deino, i got one yesterday. Although, im also interested in your dw vulpix. is it female? I can offer IV frillish and ferroseeds. Also an IV bred belly drum charmander, adamant if you want.
    16. zapface23
      Hey, i'm interested in your dark pulse deino. What would you want for it? :D
    17. Dragontamer1011
      Your sig says you have Outrage Horseas. Do you have a male with an adamant nature?
    18. Dragontamer1011
      What do you have for trading? Also, do you have any pokemon with egg moves? If you are willing or have a Male Horsea with Outrage and an Adamant nature, that will do.
    19. Dragontamer1011
      Still have three left!
    20. Mudkip 45
      Mudkip 45
      I'll take it!!! the mudkip will be ready shortly but may i ask what other pokemon you are looking for?
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    Pokemon White Shinies: EV Trained Timid Roserade, drifloon, adamant aqua jet marill, storm drain shellos
    Pokemon Y Shinies: Adamant Contrary Inkay (max Atk IV) [for trade]
    Pokemon Y FC
    FC: 2380-3825-8115