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  • I remember telling my sister's boyfriend about the town which caused him to compose a list of questions he would ask if he could ever meet the mayor of Durant.
    Generally, I actually like all Pokemon. And eh, I'm not sure how to pronounce your middle name, really. :p

    And that's a lot of teams, btw. Maybe you could show me a few of them, if you have the time to give me a PM.
    Lol, only your first page of VMs. :p

    And that intro would definitely look awesome in real life if Pokemon were real. I actually like a lot of the Pokemon in your team (Infernape, Staraptor, and Ampharos). I'm already looking forward to a 6th Generation just so that I could have more choices of Pokemon (even though there are already over 600 of them so far).
    My IRL name is Audrey, also in my Pokemon games. I think I saw your name on one of your visitor messages. Matt, right?
    I'm 15. I actually joined the Forum 2 years ago, but I didn't come here from that time on anymore until just last Summer. Then, I just got involved with a lot more things here.

    Which reminds me, Summer is just around the corner. :eek:
    Mhmm. True Pokemon Fans would often be more "into" their game than just seeing their Pokemon like that.

    Hoenn is also my favorite region, and Pearl (Sinnoh) was actually my 2nd version game I owned that I grew up with. Yep, I'm really fond of the newer regions. :D
    Rofl, yep, nice title. I guess I'd be kind of like a Pokemon Breeder as well, since I'd also like to treat my Pokemon as if they were living things. I think Ghost types are really cool, too. :]
    Hey there! I was looking at your profile, and I see that we have quite a lot of things in common.
    I saw it, and thanks. :)
    Was watching the guys reaction. Its pretty funny when he hears the word/definition of YOLO.
    YOLO= You Only Live Once.
    I hate it because, seriously, its interfering with religions and its kinda overused.
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