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  • I am so sorry this is so God-damn late! [I got the PM though, thank you!]

    I've had a hectic month or so; been so caught up in taking medicine for my depression that the days seem to have whizzed by without any real focus. I've been in bed a lot, and when I havent been too depressed to move I've been forcing myself to do college work. Not a pretty month.

    Oh my God, yeah - I all but forgot about them. But trust me, Deko is absolutely amazing, ahaha. I roleplay as her all the time now.

    I'... not sure what that is, I don't go by an American system, ahah. But probably not, no.
    MATT Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt. Matt my mate, dost thou haveth Facebook? Me, Destiny, and Silver have all ganged up in a group chat, and we all wanna talk to you.
    I use Facebook, yeah. You can find me if you search 'Jess Danielle'. If you can't, give me your name (full name, obviously) and I'll add you instead.

    I'm currently in the process of planning out a story between a university student - Jake - and an alien hybrid girl, Deko, and I've been practically bathing in hilarity, like she's so adorable and funny, and because she doesn't understand Earth - because she's not from it - everything she does for the first time is really quirky and/or odd. Still, she just wants to fit in, considering she can't go back.

    Oh God, I know the feeling. College is a lot of work but it's definitely worth it. And to answer your question, I transitioned to college in September of 2014. College work is no special thing to me because I did it in highschool anyhow... but it's certainly more plentiful now that I'm actually there.
    Hey, little bro. I hope the holidays went well for you!

    Sorry for not replying, even though you took all of that time to write all of that about your newly revised story. It does sound interesting though - I was caught up in college work (the final week is often the busiest) and I've had a ton of work to do at home as well. I hope everything's well with you.
    Actually this is the only username I've ever had, I think we met through either PinkPrincess or InsaneDragonite (as he used to be known)
    And that is good, I barely remember it, but I don't think it was very bad.
    Either way, how have you been?
    I've been lazeh~

    I have APUSH, AP Bio, Honors American Lit, Pre-Calc, Art 3, Politics, Forensics, and a TA period.
    Hey, long time no see :)
    Not sure if you want to talk to me or not, but I just came back so figured I'd try getting touch with people I used to talk to
    So, how have you been?
    Yeah, it's nice to reconnect with people after awhile.

    Same ^^;

    It's alright. Classes are cool but, eh. I'm just waiting for my senior year.
    Oh hi, like, oh my god hi. It's been like, a year, hasn't it? I've been doing like, completely massively shitty as of late, but I'm pulling through.

    How have you been?
    I've done a bunch of writing - for now, I'm mainly taken up in the idea of student/teacher love affair thing (obviously during University when she's of legal age, hahaha) because the "taboo" element of it fascinates me and gives me a brilliant dynamic to write about. Otherwise, I've been REALLY drawn to writing horror. I've written many pieces, some poor and some downright terrifying, but I'm pretty proud nonetheless. You?

    Ah yes, the falcon quote; I like that one a lot too.

    Hmm.... I don't know if I agree with it. I know what it's trying to say but it's missing key elements in all of its entirety, 'attraction' and 'trust' being two of the obvious ones. You can be as noble as you like but there has to be SOME physical attraction to want to be with someone. And if you don't trust, it can fall apart before it's even begun. In the ways of platonic love -brother-sister, mother-daughter, etc - the quote is a little more understandable... but I still think it's too big a sweeping statement to be deemed correct. I did chuckle at the end though, heh.
    Sorry for lateness, college has had me neck-deep in **** to do. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

    Please do. I like the one you posted but I find it's too immature in terms of phrasing. I do like the message though; I like self-worth posts even though I can hardly ever relate to them personally. I also like simple quotes like: "If not now, when? If not me, who?" and the typical "Not all treasure's silver and gold." because they've actually proven to be true.
    It's just depression being a butt to deal with - but you've gotta get on in life. Plus, it was my birthday today and I'm getting some cool stuff when it eventually arrives.

    Sure, here's an AWESOME one: "Change what you cannot accept; accept what you cannot change."
    [It's been a year now, and from what I heard sometime beforehand, a tsunami hit the Philippines...]

    5 weeks of bullsh*t :3
    For damnit sakes Matt, I was being Anna. I'm quite curious if she's OK tho...

    Shitty, very... Shitty. You?

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