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  • Alright. Next time I see her, I strike up a conversation with her.
    [Eh, I'm not too bothered. I get it a lot from the people I open up to, so I won't feel all to upset about it if she did]
    Alright, well if it ever starts working again, my Skype ID is theyounghuevian (weird, I know. xD)

    Well thanks man. I've already got most the equipment (I have a capture card, but I don't have a good or working editing software), but mainly what I've been doing is making appearances on my friends channel. That's pretty cool man. I'd love to play it if you produce it.
    Well, who do you think?
    Really sorry I missed this. My desktop doesn't like the forums anymore. :/ [If you want to add me on Skype/Facebook, let me know.]
    But yeah, that what I really want to do. It's my passion. I don't have fun doing anything else. It's also something I'm really good at. I wouldn't mind making games, but it wouldn't be the same.
    I'm actually really glad your interested. A lot of people shut it down.

    Very rarely do girls look THAT good. Photoshop can make anyone look like a supermodel.

    My favorite game would probably have to be Magical Starsign.
    I just turned 20.

    It is embarrassing. And no worries, we broke up back in early June. It was for the best.

    Haha, wall of text, but you're on the right track. Life isn't easy all the time, and most of the time, it won't be. People enter and exit our lives, friends come and go like fashion, but life goes on. The people who really care for you will be there as you walk down the "road of life", and they're the ones who really matter. Honestly, when you meet the girl you want to spend the rest of your days with, you'll know it. Maybe not right away, but when she appears, fate will guide the two of you together. Love the ones who love you in return and, like you said, enjoy the little things. The little things often turn out to be the big things and the things you find most precious to you.
    You seem a bit different, but of course, no need to tell me anything personal.

    My birthday was pretty fun. A couple of my friends came over and we had some cake and ice cream. I had work that day but it wasn't a long shift. I had supper at a steakhouse and the waiters sang to me. That was embarrassing. And, yes, that's my real hair color. I have never dyed/highlighted my hair in my life. And and, no, Kieran and I are no longer together and there are no plans of ever meeting each other.
    Ironic, considering you're on a Pokemon forum. Haha. Video game collecting sounds like a fun hobby. Honestly, I'm pretty much unchanged from the last time I was online, just a year older and a bit closer to being a college graduate. I don't do as much art as I used to, tho I'm getting back into it.
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