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    It was going brilliantly until I realized the anti-psychotic prescribed for my insomnia was imposing a rather large deficit on my mentality - one building up over time and slowly hacking away at my literary skills. So I've switched to a natural supplement in the hopes that I may be able to do away with the side effects that come with a good night's sleep.

    So far it's been going rather well - the mornings have been vibrant with energy, and I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard at a man in a car suit. In light of that, I've attempted to take a break from the realm of nonsensical fiction to try and express myself for the fifth some-odd time as a Science Fiction author, mostly because you can only think of so many "I am"'s before you end up writing a dull, repetitive four pages of self-indulgence.

    As silly as it may sound, this is what's been happening with my life, and it pains me to tell you that changing a medication I've been taking for half my life really is quite serious business. It's SRZ. I Swearz.

    But in lighter news, I've finally gotten around to pumping blood back into the "Funniest Quote from the Above User" thread, and since it really was quite the innovative concept, it'd be sad to see it die within the next month. So with that being said, go check it out. It probably won't get particularly interesting again till I get back in there, but I figured I'd wait to post till at least the first page ended.
    yeah im sure when frost is finished it will be awesome ^_^ and yeah just got one banner to do now and my shop is open for other peoples to request i really like that animation banner for bictac trade shop :) im getting better blending it in with the banner looking like its not even seperated lol
    yeah i saw it in your message with demon kitsune :p thats why i asked and cool can't wait to see your new guild up and i haven't forgot about the link buttons...i just been busy...thats why it took me so long to do the other requests...
    no problem gothic glad you like it ^_^ now you just need your userbars from frost correct?
    your request has been made, please pick up your extraction banner at flower paradise graphics...thanks for choosing my shop ^_^
    Then why do you still have friends on your friends list?. I must give you a gift on Valentines day (I'm not in love with you before you claim I am)
    It says in your bio that you will send me a Friend Request soon enough. Why do I need to wait?
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