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  • [Depends who/what it's for, and how "grave" the info is - I've never ordered anything so... yeah, I don't wanna mess anything up. Why can't you just request it...? I'll do it, I mean, but I'm just curious. ^^;]
    Okay! ^^

    (Oh sorry! Dx) That's a sort mall, you can choose which stores you want in it. Some stores raises EV's! :D I can show you the webpage about Join Avenue on Serebii! ;D
    I'm sorry. :( I wish I could help you, but ZOmbie is gonna be unbanned about next month so. ;(

    Ah okay, thanks for letting me know I won't bring you down then. xD

    BTW, I readed your explanation about EV training, you forgot you can do at B2/W2 EV train by the Join Avuene! ;)
    Hey, you defriended me! D: *hug* I forgive it you because I saw your profile! D:

    BTW, I'm gonna do for the first time EV training! 8D
    Your welcome

    Because they can't
    Go to Smogon and follow these simple directions:

    Strategy dex (list of Pokemon) --> find Breloom and where it says OU|stats click OU for the full list.
    I don't have a definitive view, specifically. Rather, my Grandfather did, since he wrote an entire unpublished manuscript on the nature of the brain and how it can be applied to sentient machinery via dynamic simulations to better define the grand picture of "What" the brain is, and perhaps pinpoint the location of the human soul.

    However, I've recently come to the horrifying conclusion that my copy of the script is only half-baked - about 14 chapters out of 21 plus a missing bibliography. I'm fairly sure the one I have lying around has a couple chapters on the nature of dreams, and since his lifetime of cognitive physics and governmental AI development massively overshadows my half-decade of self contained internet research, I'm prompt to outright quote the book, since it'll explain everything in clear detail for you, even if it's a bit hard to understand at times.

    Since it'll take me a while to transcript whatever sections I can find (if there are any,) and since I have to take a shower and go to work in a little while, I'm going to have to leave this on an epic cliffhanger, in the hopes that I can get back on here and provide some clarity later today.
    Effectively, yes. Any and all strong emotions send up the heart rate to a varying degree based on the amount of blood required by the brain, at least to my understanding. Anger does the same thing. In fact, anger does a lot of things. Like ruin your fuel economy.

    It's really best not to dwell on it. Dwelling on it too much can shatter one's own touch on reality, perhaps sending oneself into a degenerative spiral of either depression or madness. For me it just ruined my libido. Well, no, years of prescription medication did that. Stay away from hardcore sedatives, kids.
    Ohh, that's what you mean. I'm an expert on chronic... Actually, let's stop that sentence mid-structure. You don't want to hear the end of that.

    Gist of things is that too much stress on the reproductive parts causes faster heart rates, as does using the bathroom. So if you're really constipated or bad in bed, your heart might beat so fast, it'll explode. Emotions and thoughts associated with, well, reproduction, will send up your heart rate (And maybe your blood pressure too,) thus the "Love organ."

    It's all a matter of stress. Too much stress on anything, be it caused by your mind or your physical pieces, will cause your heart to beat faster. This partially contributes to the unpredictable nature of heart attacks. Sure, you'll get them more if you're fat, but thin people get them too.
    Oh, lord. I don't know. It just pumps blood. As I said, it's just a man-made concept, essentially.

    Also, one of us unfriended the other or something. I think I clicked the wrong button in my menu while modifying contacts today, because I'm fairly sure nothing went afoul in this conversation. But if you did, it's your decision, and that's totally fine.
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