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  • Great job with the team ^_^ Affection says that we can do contests and I was thinking of a PO monotype tournament....what do you think ?
    Most of my family are red haired, because my dad happens to have Irish ancestry. My mom and my oldest sister are the only two in the family that have brown hair.
    How would I have blue hair? I thought that would only be possible in cartoons. But since I'm part Irish, I happen to have red hair.
    I know...but still...

    I know, with these help solvings and suggestions I can change...

    I don't deserve a second chance! I really don't deserve it! (Lol at ABSOL-lutely xD)
    I don't want to accept that! Because I want to help people! And don't want to be a jackass bastard!

    Well...I hope so. ;~;

    I believe in 2nd chances, but I don't deserve that...
    Hey, you didn't reply to my PM so I was waiting lol.

    Just had an operation not long ago and have been on school holidays, school is back now but yeah I don't have to go back just yet. Just about finished my final year of secondary school. :)

    Hahahaha, I'll give you tha one, though I've got my eye on you. xP

    Nope - don't do anything to do with Pokemon any more... though I still hold a very soft spot for Pikachu. And Aipom and Buizel too. x3
    Actually, about four seconds ago since I got Pokemon White 2 on the PC... I didn't get far; couldn't even will myself past the intro... ^^;

    Oh, I see... well, I'll never be glad that Hydri was so upset, but I suppose we have her to thank that we did. ^^
    Wow, stalker much? Or did you see in the activity thing? XD

    Wow... what sad lives they have. How the heck is it even promoting it? I dislike Pokemon a little now, but even I know as of being a watcher of the series that what the series really promotes is hard work, trust and friendship. What losers they are... :/

    Really? Why's that been on your mind, haha? I mean, she seems pretty great now - happy! ^^
    Awesome to know!

    I'm actually not that bothered for the sheer fact that I'm not interested in Pokemon any more, so anybody can say whatever as long as it's not overly offensive. XD
    But what's PETA and how are they doing it? :eek:

    Yes... I do. Why? :)
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