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  • lol, it cant be that bad
    yeah i guess, although it'd be much better to have fast reactions XD
    yeah that does get annoying, is tht some sort of message?
    lol, just more practice white
    really, i got some of the worst reaction speeds in my age group, but i can still do all the fast paced stuff, all it takes is practice, and being able to notice little things that keep tending to happen and using the to your advantage
    yays :D
    well, its always glad to hear somethings awesome XD
    awwww, you'll get better with practice
    its like riding a bike, a big over sized metal bike which you don't pedal
    no problem :D youve replied now
    im glad to hear it
    it would be really really weird, except for maybe things like minun and plusle
    lol, he ruins everything :O
    lol, i bet you are >> << make an aussie pokemon
    lol, thats a good thing right? what happened?
    its all good now, all ive got to do is Food tech
    I should probly check on your thing more often, i miss being able to talk to you :'(
    lolboth absols and ice attacks are beast
    oh ok, lol, i thought so, it would have been a bit weird to get two pokemon from the same egg
    wow, lot of spelling mistakes for me there, oh wells, and yh I only got one :(, but it was entei(da best one) so it was cool
    y u sorry, tis not ur fault, is it? dont tell me your a pokemon chairwoman!!!
    wow cool, what was the permit on? driving or...?
    thx, almost done the DT assessment, going to finish off my RE assessment after, and my FT has been moved to next week. And i find that listening to formulas and answers and stuff the night b4 is the only thing that really helps me so tis all cool
    and I must say, holy grail by hunters and collectors is da best dam song ever!!!
    Well i was just about to ask where you wre too lol
    Aww thats horrible, absols are beast
    Really, ice attacks, thats pretty neat
    Nice, how do you get twins though???
    No problem, i love to help although at least you git dem beasrs
    Lol wifi is a pain like a real big one
    And remember i cant lol, its a rom emulator
    Oh and you know what sucks, assessments>>
    I got three tests, and 3 assignments due in one day, monday next week, and im ragin
    ah i do alot of trading between my games...and i restart them sometimes...sooo i think i lost her that way...she was so cool, literally...she had nothing but ice attacks i think...you know, something different ;3. heck yea...i got me two new ones...(twin girls) and raising em...their just like her i swear...their so strong ^^. ah thank you...i must have mis-read...i could have sworn it says toys R us..*sweatdrop* but i was able to download the legandary beasts through wifi...i dont get it...i really hate my wifi...it just wants to be a pain...>>;. have you tried the event yet?.
    thx :), yh how did you lose your absol? btw, absol is by far the coolest dark pokemon ever ;)
    hhhhmmm, well I heard about, ill brb ima check
    Well, eggs are only in US gamestop stores :( sorry
    BUT the victini liberty pass is still a an ongoing event, and is available through a wifi download, so thats good
    lol, its ok, just get a new one :3 although he didnt have an adamant nature but meh
    that hey did lol
    eggs? for?
    If it is on b/w then probly no
    cools lol, which starter?
    lol, it works really well
    really? I wonder why, did you have the event dogs? did you send it over using the special wonder thing?
    well yh, my way is probly not the best way but meh, we all have our ways
    and lol yes it did, now i remember it i also lost a magikarp i was trying to train so >.<
    lol, do emerald, its my FAVOURITE pokemanz game of all time
    lol, well maybe try a speed boosting move like idk, my fire starter learns flame drive or sometin
    wow that woulda sucked
    ooohhh did you give the old man the evnt celebii?
    ouch, that sucks so bad
    well... no i dont think so, the main moves I usually want my pokes to learn are really high evolutionary wise, so it always gets the right level, and i dont have to worry about gaining one or two levels more when evolving as well
    the only time it happened was on a emerald run, i was holding my treecko back so it could learn leaf blade when it leveled up, and i wen up against maul(electric gym, 3rd), and took out all his pokes basically, and gained two levels by accidnt, seeing as i was no where near move tutor, i reset, and had to do it all over again, and i lost one of my fodder pokes :(
    oh wells, sorted out now
    oohhhhh nice, which of the three?
    lol, does the float stone just half its weight?
    lol, its fun and like epic when you do though
    thats true
    ohhh noooeeessss what happenned?
    lol, i just go into veiw conversation lol
    hmmmm, i suggest doing a hoenn one, they are alwase fun :3
    lol they do
    lol, i had the fire starter, so it was harder to beat seeing as the only effective pokes i had were zeburikabad) and the grass monkey(didnt know a really good grass move) plus i always like to pit the starters up against ech other
    lol, you could have just turned the game off to where you last saved ?
    lol that is true
    really i wonder why that is happening?
    lol, it happens a lot >>
    haha you posted it on your page not mine
    anyways let me read what it says
    YAYS, what are you gonna try it on?
    lol, they also used to call it grasshole becus of that look, they even had a youtube show about it
    lol, it was easier to beat than oshawott let me tell you that
    lol, thank god it survived then, you woulda been in a tough time, and as i recall salamance used flamethrower and i had to use azumarill for the rest and then it went fine up until kingdra, and i was like HOLY CRAP I DONT HAVE DRAGON MOVES, so it basically wiped out half my team (azumarill glalie and manetric) and then my sceptile and taillow took out the rest of em
    it must have been awesome lol, thats really cool, and im guessing you beat the game?, after you go back their pokes are around 70, and the champion has them around 80
    although at least in this gen you can vs the seperate champions in any order you like, until you get to the main guy
    and dont worry bout the post on your wall, i do it all the time lol
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