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Last Activity:
Apr 3, 2015
Feb 4, 2006
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Jul 19, 1989 (Age: 30)
dealing with bureaucrats (school)

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Master Breeder, 30, from Florida

WhiteWizard42 was last seen:
Apr 3, 2015
    1. NateZermeno
      hey man, i'm looking for a DW Smeargle. do you happen to have one you are willing to trade?

      P.S i will hook you up.
    2. -Xen-
      Hey, do you still have a Ditto in Gen 4 w/ Max Speed? I could really use one.

      I could offer a Shiny Pokemon for one?
    3. Tsuchi
      hi wanna battle?
    4. pwnswitchclik
      thank you! ^^
    5. Soul18655
      Hey I was just wondering would you like me to save before it hatches and if its what you want shut off and trade it to you? That way it belongs to you. And just to let you know the egg you receive wants you receive it for the man It will be the same pokemon with nature and characteristic no matter how many times you shut off.
    6. Soul18655
      I have currently a male magikarp lv.1 with jolly nature ability rattled and characteristic likes to run which also increases speed, do you want it?
    7. pokemon special
    8. AlenaNightstar
      Not sure if you're still around but I was trying to understand your thread there. I am really looking for a shiny ditto and I'll do anything I can to find something to trade for it. Let me know please.
    9. MegaMike
      do you have a shiny ditto?
    10. pkmtrainer
      i dont care if the latias is timid or modest, i just want to have an scarfed one
      are you interested in one of my pokemon below?
    11. pkmtrainer
      i dont really care if it is modest, so are you interested on any of my pokemon?
    12. pkmtrainer
      PM or Vm if you´re interested
    13. pkmtrainer
      hi I saw you had a timid latias in the trade thread and I´m interested on it. Here is what i can offer you:

      I can breed you a pokemon with 1 stat in 31 and right nature OR you can choose one of my proyects:

      timid gengar with 31 spA and 31 spe its sub-petaya 252 spA/252spe sub, thunderbolt, shadowball and focus blast, its holding petaya berry

      adamant gyarados with 31 hp, 31 atk, 30 spe 252 atk/252 spe DD, waterfall, stone edge and EQ, I can give you life orb or lefties
      adamant gallade with 31 atk and +29 spe 252 atk/252 spe - shadowsneak, close combat, phsico cut and swordsdance, it´s holding focus sash and can be a good lead when the opponent have no idea what it can do

      relaxed bronzong with 31 hp and 31 def 252 hp/200 spdef/ 52 atk- support wall (yeah i know about his spread in spdef, if you dont like it, you´ll have to use reductive berries)
      SR/light screen, reflect, gyro ball, hypnosis

      gyarados adamant 31/31/25/x/30/31<< this pokemon was breeded by a friend, but I use it as a taunter I dont remember which spread I used, but it was almost the same as smogon´s- DD, taunt, waterfall and stone edge again, it can hold lefties of life orb
    14. Kisuuke
      Hey i saw your old trade thread and i was wondering have you still got that relaxed suicune and hp 62 water raikou?i can trade u loads of good ivd pokemon /legends or them =D
    15. zenbrody
      do u still have that dragonite ill trade a starmie lv 100 or a lv 100 sabelye
    16. rjagacer
      Oh I almost forgot, my friend code is:

      Platinum-1548 3473 0662
    17. rjagacer
      Would you trade w/ me?

      I've got:

      Heracross Modest lvl 5 (untouched) 31 IVs on sp atk, 26 IVs on speed
      Scyther Adamant lvl 19 (untouched) 31 IVs on atk
      Lickitung Adamant lvl 20 (untouched) 31 IVs on def
      Magmar Adamant lvl 28 (untouched) 30 IVs on atk, 29-30 IVs on sp def
      Regigigas lonely lvl 1 (untouched) 31 IVs on Atk

      I'm interested on:

      Modest Mewtwo: 25/1/12/29/12/26 (Untouched)
      Bold Regice: 31/27/31/16/10/7 (Untouched)
      Adamant Heracross: 25/31/31/x/26/31 (Untouched) Swarm, knows BB/Endure/Reversal/Megahorn
      Adamant Magikarp: 18/31/31/22/27/31 (Untouched)

      e-mail me on rjagacer@yahoo.co.uk
      or serebii forum user - rjagacer
    18. kimaginations
      gahh sir i'll give you alot for that latias. :)
    19. kimaginations
      i have a dual screen ev trained relaxed uxie with well to do iv's

      i also have a lv. 100 ev trained modest heatran with 31 atk iv's and all other's are over 25. i think there's another 31 stat too. it has explosion, fire blast, earth power, and dragon pulse. i'm pretty sure it's 252 speed and spe atk.

      untouched rash dragonite 31 speed, 31 spe atk

      jolly 100 garchomp 31 atk 31 spd dragon claw, eq, swords d., fire blast
    20. kt-sempai
      Could you help me out with a mew?
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  • About

    Jul 19, 1989 (Age: 30)
    dealing with bureaucrats (school)
    Was born, am living, will die.

    M:tG and pokemon


    Pearl FC is 1761 9576 5676, White FC 3310 3986 5019, If you're interested in a pokemon i've posted, and you have something i could be interested in (see below) please PM me. Trade thread here. i also offer custom breeding services, for a price.

    Want: female DW Sableye, Offering: Most other good DW females