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  • I'll see if I do. I don't recall anymore. Yeah I have X & Y. I will definitely buy a copy on the first day of release as always. I haven't downloaded the demo since nothing in it that interest me. I'm still hopeful for Mega Masquerain. Pretty disappointed that they choose Beedrill but at the same time I'm happy a terrible bug gotten a boost but still.
    Which particular pokes you have in mind? I don't recall any of the pokes that has special abilities since I haven't played the game. Nice to hear from you though! I'm anticipating OR/AS.
    sorry to everyone the post yesterday was a tad bit too early, it seems that my wpa-2 router isnt capatable with the ds lite I am using im tryin to find a way to connect to wifi by either using a dual router (wep-wpa-2) or some other way to get a wep connection without changing my current router settings, please help!
    Hi, I just saw your posts in the trade forums. I can clone, and I've got a set of Shiny Kanto starters from HG I recieved via trade. I'm fairly certain their all Legit, and I could trade you one of each of them if you want, I've also got a few Pawniard with Sucker Punch as well and a few Pokemon from the Dream Radar with their hidden abilities that I don't need, all of these Pokemon are UT. I could trade you some of them if you want? PM me if interested.
    About 2 months ago I was down on cash and had to sell my ds and games to pay for bills and food to survive. As some of you may remember I wasn't a Master Trainer but I was fearless but friendly, helpful and grateful. I had all sorts of FDW types I traded to people for much less valuable pokes and some for free just to help them out. Just before I sold my ds I had my favorite 3 pokemon all legit dw males Blastiose, Charizard, Venusaur!!! It killed me to lose my pokemon but I had to do what I had to do. The Great Trainer Eevveemaster started my pokemon adventure about a year ago by helping me learn the game and trading. He gave me just about every pokemon I ever had! He was a stand up guy and a noble trainer. Unfortunately he has been busy and doesn't play as much as he used to. Hopefully I'll see him again on here. What I am asking from you all at Serebii is for some help once again. Im I have a new DS and Black 2 I was hoping that maybe one or more of you out there would be able to help me out with really anything they could offer. If I have ever helped you out and you remember me, help!!! But seriously im back in the pokemon world and im gonna take what I can get and if I get nothing then me and my pokes will find a way to win. Im excited to be back, thanks sereii community for everything!!!
    DUDEEEEE I'm ALIVE! Lol how have you been? I'm debating atm if I'm gonna get Black/White 2 or not! Hope you're doing well. I miss you as well man!
    Sorry I can't trade today I have no access to WiFi at all today and I don't think I have the Shinh gastly anymore
    Mew won :D I'm so freakin happy now my favorite pokemon won :) do you know offhand what lv it will be distributed at? I just REALLY love mew :)
    I have a bear flawless shiny bold poliwag DWF Japanese lv1 UT flawless except in SP.atk can't figure out what its IV in SP.atk is I can trade it to you if you want
    Hmm.. I think mine are between .. 50s - 70 actually, a little higher than yours but Im could always scrounge up a team of equal-level Pokemon that I've caught at high levels.
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