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Last Activity:
Apr 6, 2019
Apr 7, 2005
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Well-Known Member, Female

wichu was last seen:
Apr 6, 2019
    1. TheLupineOne
      You're still around? I'm desinging a fake region of my own...
    2. St3phy
      Sorry, double posted. Lag :(
    3. St3phy

      I saw you talking about the RNG method. Do you think you can help me? I've been trying to hatch a shiny egg but it hasn't been working. I think I have the right SID, I foudn it using the Chained method. But I still can't get the shiny egg even after doing the right amount of taps etc. Do you have any tips? Thanks
    4. Kecleoshrew
      hey, can i just say that Pokemon Amethyst looks really good ^_^
      (i saw it on Pokecommunity)

      i would have helped with the Pixel Art project, but im still pretty crap at Pixel Overs
    5. ezequiel6566
      hey i've seen you around smogon a lot

      i made an account there a long time ago and i can log in and stuff but i can't do anything (literally). i always get a message saying i need permission or something liket hat

      can u tell me wat teh problem is? i know i didnt do anything bad either cus i havent been allowed to do anything since i made the account
    6. BynineB
      Okay, I'll work on it. Thanks, dude.
    7. BynineB
      Hmm, that involves trading, something I can't do very often. Do you have any other ideas?
    8. BynineB
      I can't make the Pomeg glitch work correctly.. How am I supposed to get the egg to level 20 without my party whiting out? It whites out when I finish a battle..
    9. Black Marauder
      Black Marauder
      Hey. I need help with this Emerald RNG thing. I don't understand the threads over at Smogon.
    10. TheLupineOne
      I'd just start at Route 801 or 901. I don't think Pokémon will last that long.
    11. TheLupineOne
      Amethyst >>> Bring back Route Numbers!!!
    12. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      I've just had a look at your Pokemon Amethyst.

      You've done some nice work.
    13. bitoks
      sorry for the wrong information on whismur, it's def should be 19 instead if 14 aw! i'm very sorry. i already got a shiny sudowoodo elctrode and corphish but they are all the same as whismur, all jolly and the same iv. anyways thank your all your help winchu, if i only have a nintendo DS i will give you a shiny treecko, it's a clone though. i think i posted spam thread, oh my bad!
    14. itachi95
      Could you help me find my secret ID on plat? If you can that would be great! ^_^
    15. bitoks
      hey winchu please calculate my secret id, i have given you the information you need so please calculate it. i feed hin one tamato and one hondew to remove the ev he got while fighting a zigzagoon and a mudkip and he did not fought any other pokemon since then
    16. Ho-ohRocks201
      Hey Wichu!

      It's BlazingLink from Pokecommunity fourms!
    17. zlxq3000
      Hey, just saw your Amethyst thread... Looks pretty cool. I wouldn't mind taking a look at the demo whenever it comes out, or even the final version.
    18. Atoyont
      Nice correction on that matter with the move possibilities.
    19. itachi95
      no i havent.
    20. itachi95
      hi um could you help me find my secret id on emerald?
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