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  • Merry Christmas, everyone! (Don't have enough time to post a Christmas shoutout to everyone today; sorry! >.<)
    Oh, I remember those vids and pics you used to post. Those were awesome.

    Ahh... Brawl. I havnt played that in a while, actually. I'd get into that but frankly, I've been busy with other miscelaneous....... stuff. ...Y'know thinking back, I have no freaking idea how the heck I fill 24 hours every day. Especially since I often only sleep like, 4 hours on weekdays.
    Iunno. Maybe I space out or something.
    How do you fill your time?

    I've been overwhelmingly bored with my computer missing (been in repair for over a month).
    Oh, no worries. I kinda quit since around March and just came back today.

    So how are things with you?
    *Thinks about a pile of money.*
    *Looks around suspiciously.*

    Oh look at that. Today's a snow day. Which means I now only have two days of school, and then another break.
    Yay... Or something...

    Well, yeah, it's certainly better than nothing- but all my friends have been talking about all this stuff they got or are going to get, and I got Trident Layers and Starburst. For example, one of my friends got an IPhone as an early Christmas present. Another one of my friends got a Guitar.
    I just feel kinda annoyed; almost "left out," to some extent.

    So, anything you got / know you are getting?
    How come whenever I think of someone, they always end up talking to me later that day? =X

    I was; but its past for me- I'm actually Jewish, and got all my stuff already. Though I'm looking forward to the time off from school.

    As for my gifts; blarfgh.
    I got Gum, Scratch Cards, Colored Pencils, and M&M's. My brother even got lip balm.
    Cheapie jews. =|
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