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  • Pretty good, thanks. :) Yeah, I no longer go on any IM clients anymore... trying to focus on irl things, shocking I know! These days... I am aspiring to get into college here in the U.S., and I am pursuing a girl. :p I don't think I'll ever return "full time" back here but I'm always lurking. Feel free to send me a message if you need somebody to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, whatever. ^^
    Hehe, thanks Emily, I'm glad to hear that. :) I enjoy talking to you as well. You're the only person I know who likes Yu-Gi-Oh GX better than the original series. XD But I do know what you mean. There aren't many people nowadays who are willing to take time to have a quality chat. Or make quality posts (I still think that laziness was one of the key factors that led to Team Magma's downfall).

    Sweet, I honestly wouldn't expect a girl to be an avid fan of a manga like Negima, but that's cool. I like Ku Fei too (as well as Chao, the other "Chinese" girl in the class), but my favorite right now is Yue. She's definitely way smarter than most of the other girls. And I love how Akamatsu draws her expression literally as " :X " a lot of the time. XD
    Lol yeah, Negima is really a guilty pleasure. But the ecchi elements are great, I won't try to deny it! Thanks for asking, it's been great, I'm really enjoying my summer right now. 4th of July baby! (Independence Day for the USA if you didn't know.) And I'm turning 18 in a week and a half. How about you?

    Sorry I haven't been on MSN, I sorta don't have internet on MY computer anymore so I can't use instant messengers (parents won't allow them on the family computer).
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