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  • Give it time, Wild Dragonite. You're getting readers judging by the views, just update weekly of every few days and someone is bound to reply. If all you're doing is posting the story just for reviews, then you need a new motivation. Goals like that get shot down very easily, so if anything, just post the story because you just enjoy writing and just putting it up there. You'll be rewarded with reviews eventually.

    This is coming from experience. Granted, back in the day, there were more people willing to read other stories, but it's gotten a little tougher these days. This makes you a little stronger because you're not getting spoiled so easily.

    Just go around, post around the forums, heck, even review OTHER people's stories. Most likely, they'll read your story in return.

    It also helps to get a banner for your story. What you have in your sig is rather small and unnoticeable. It really doesn't look like an advertisement for a story, honestly.
    Well darn... if you ever get the chance, though, grasp that opportunity. Prime (the first one anyway) is a good Metroid game. Really good...
    Lol, my brother did it all with little help. Probably because he had his twin and I on the sidelines watching and pointing things out.
    OHHHH I remember that now XD. That was a creepy cut-scene, and I wasn't even playing the game. I watched my brother play the whole thing. (It was his game anyway.)
    True, we don't like being told what we're doing wrong, it's in our nature. I think secretly we're all just a little bit narcissistic, some just have it worse than others.
    Well yeah, but you have to be told what you did wrong so you can fix it/avoid it in the future.
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