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  • That must be nice with regards to school, but that timing for the jury duty sucks.

    It's fine, I'm here more often than before, but not as much as I once was.

    You deserved it! Your zigzagoon-hydreigon fusion did very good :)

    If you have any spare time or so, you are always welcome in the Fan Sprite section!
    Ps: Yeah, I have seen some the things from you for smogon (mostly for the X/Y project) and they looked amazing. Particularly the Mega Rayquaza, that must have been hell to sprite that one ^^
    Because your sprite was voted as a finalist in the 'Sprite of the Year' contest, I would like to give you this small price:
    That's pretty late compared to us here in North America, though I guess Jade is still heading to school everyday too.

    We've moved to Facebook, which is clearly mostly inaccessible. It works, but its not as open.

    That's good. Surprised your school goes this late though. I finished about two months ago, and my friends in high school finish this week. Good luck!

    Yeah, it's completely dead. Really too bad, because we lost contact with several of you guys. We kinda moved though.

    Well the comunity kinda died with the game, we have a skype and facebook group if you want to join
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