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    You can still help in a way though, I've not quite enough staff, who else do you think I could ask to be an artist?
    Actually, I had volunteered before the thread closed, so I can help you out with this.
    who else do you think I could ask to be an artist?
    VampirateMace was an artist, too, wasn't she? You could ask her, possibly, if I'm not mistaken.

    The caption contest has returned!

    It's already fallen off the first page. :mad:
    Don't be too upset; the same would happen to me on occasion, as well.
    I will definitely do some of the artwork. Mostly sprite stuff and I'm pretty sure D911 won't mind me using his sprites and whatnot. (Though be sure that he does get credit of course. ;) )

    As far as other drawings go, I might submit an Illustrated drawing every now and again when it's my turn.

    Now then for things to decide. My opinion:
    Captioner be counted if artist: Yes
    Captioner be counted if judge but not judge for the current pic: Well..this one's a bit iffy, but I'd vote yes.
    Old stop sign: No opinion for this one.
    Also, I drew this, and am very pleased with it, so I'm going to shamelessly post it everywhere I can justify doing so. Even though its not pokemon related.

    Edit: Made another.
    Edit: Made 2 more.
    Caption Contest plans!

    killer squirtle

    Artists so far:
    Cyber Blastoise (I think)
    surfer treecko (changed his mind)

    Deoxys911: Doesn't wish to participate as staff.
    DieChavsDie: ""
    pikalax: ""
    woot21: No reply (everyone go and prod him).

    Planned Rules:
    Each new contest will start Sunday and end Saturday.

    The current trophys (1st, 2nd, Most Creative, Most Random) will return.
    I will run an archive and leaderboard based on these trophys.
    Each judge will have an extra category specific to them. The judge can choose his own specific catagory, and change it every now and then.

    Images no longer have to be sprite based, although that will remain the norm. As long as it consists of a scene with multiple people and general chaos, its fine.

    Example mediums include:
    Sprites (from what series doesn't matter, but it should be mainly Pokemon)
    The AR camera thing on the 3DS.
    Lego guys with faces sprited on.
    Drawn where's wally-esque stuff.

    Also, all sprites taken from other people should be used with credit (I'll make a list on the first page) and permission if needed.
    If you use a scratch sprite in a picture for the contest, it will be assumed you're alright with it being used in other pictures for the contest.

    Things to be decided:
    While everyone can make captions for any contest:
    It will not be included in judging if the captioner is also the judge for this round.
    Should it be included in judging if the captioner is also the artist for this round?
    Should it be included in ranking if the captioner is a judge for other rounds?

    Should I make the rota so:
    Someone will never judge on a round for which they made the picture?
    someone will always judge on a round for which they made the picture?
    Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't?

    Should we reuse the old STOP sign, or make a new one?
    I want to restart the Caption Contest
    Ah, that's good! I thought I almost thought that I was the only one who still cared about its future.

    I still ought to ask if you want to reprise your role
    I do actually still have occasional ideas for pictures, but I don't think it's something that I really want to get myself into again. After all, my era is over, and now is the time for me to watch as a new artist brings new life to The Caption Contest! That's really nice of you to ask, but I'll have to decline your offer. Thanks, though! I'll be sure to drop by when it opens to check things out, for sure! Who knows? You may just see some Captioning-action from me once again, after all this time...

    I have the thunder and you can't steal it back.
    Drats! At least I still have the Zap Cannon, I suppose!

    P.S. Sorry for the delayed response, but I hadn't been on in a while. I'm here now, though, so here's the reply (finally)!
    yeah, i had set up a trade for those 2 last night...but we couldn't do it, supposed to tonight...so i added them in already.
    or hey, wondering if you can help me out with skitty or elekid, or anything else i might need. let me know if you needed anything in my sig....
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