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  • Restarting the Caption Contest? Did something happen to the last one?
    I'm afraid it's unlikely I'll be able to judge - I'm spending a lot of time babysitting my nephew at the moment, and then I'll be going back to Uni. I'll try and participate if I can though :)
    How have you been anyway?
    Thanks for stepping forth. At one point I tried a similar Caption Contest on Pokebeach but quickly found that I had neither the time nor the energy nor the commitment to continue. Sorry. Good luck with CB, woot, and K_S.
    Sure, I'll help you. D911 also gave me access to the Sprites that he used, so that'll be a help as well. (I originally intended to use them for a very serious Dark and Edgy Flash project. Still planning on using them for that purpose but still...)

    I would also like to be a judge, but I will be doing entries even on the ones that I would be judging. (Of course, I will not win on those but they're still fun).
    Somewhat-epic comment there, dude. Anyway, wish I could be an artist for ya, but sadly, I lack the resources for spriting. I am available for judging, though. Either way, awesome to hear its making a comeback.
    Could I use this with permission?
    hmmm, but then again, his DA account has been... empty, untouched around the same time he left, its like he... vanished.
    *Puts Professor Layton Hat on*
    seems we'll have to investigate further Luke Will...
    DRIVING! beep beep! hahaa, ;)
    she's 12?! after a few years, get in there. she'll be rich! and then you will movie to Japan, to work on ... some kind of anime, and you two will buy me all the pokémon merchandise i need! MWUHUHUHUHUHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAA!
    lol, I have the same 'problems' ;)
    Whoo! 3DS! ive got one too! give me yer friend code? ;D
    ouuch, this sunburn is killing me.
    debating wether to draw a pokéball on my tan line (red and white)!
    imk good, had a bloomin' sports day today, and im not the most athletic (or popular), and I ended up with sunburn on my knees, and feeling tired (again)...
    you okay?
    An astute observation. Though you do know you're so far seventeen years old, don't you? Wait until you turn 20, and realize you'll never be in your "teens" again, unless you live 90-some more years.
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