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  • you said:
    My brother claimed that he once through a small box at my head while I was reading, and I didn't notice.
    you used the urong through. it should be threw. hense why i couldn't read it properly.
    also, no you havent, unless you havent seen the pics of where he supposedly cut himself.
    they are 2 diffrent styled photos, with diffrent patterns of blood, and (which shows it was not a real cut) they are the same hand, but no scars could be seen on the second one.
    and apparently the person whon keeps making threads like that ISN'T him.
    and they made a thread posting a supposed picture of dattebayo and how ****** ae on the uprise.
    I'm telling you, they're doing a team rocket!
    first, their leader was exposed(late kanto) and now *** *** are on the rise(whole of Johto.) O NOES, THEIR GOING TO TAKE OVER THE RADIO TOWER MISC! :O
    haha, I was ABOUT to juast check to see if I could see who they were ;)
    okay, im on the bit where granmasprite went to make cookies.
    rose(?) is proceeding to hit him in the head with a box.
    Both are closed, commented on one.
    BTW that web comic thing is quuite good, im on the bit where he is trying to get the red package from his father. :3
    yeah, you probably did link it too me, I'm juuuust a bit lazy. ;) I'll check it out though!

    ooh, and where? me gots to check it out! And hopefully create a new Internet meme.
    okay, I guess i'll check it out. Linkie? ;)

    TBH, it was a load of twisted stunts, in my opinion, trying to bring the forums down was a big no-no and an impossible feat.

    Please, go into more detail. ;)

    and yeah, i have slight downs syndrome, doesn't mean I can hack into serebii's account (not that I would, or anything.)

    uh, yeah POKEMON. (Joltik, Budew, cottonee, Bisharp's pre-evo)
    but other characters of other franchises? no sorry :L

    yeah, I mean, wow, he was the leader of te e he e?! he DESERVES to be banned.
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