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    D911, when you replied to something on my profile, but the request on making the caption picture was the one I already did...

    So... Uh... You were a bit late there.
    I completely forgot that you were the one that made the picture! Sorry, I guess I was having a blonde moment again.
    Uh, the royalties thing was pointing at cybermews sig (Now changed)
    What, did he put the shopping list thing in it?

    And did you see my request on making the next caption pic?
    Yes. Like I said before, I'd like to keep it so that as many pictures as possible are made by me. At least until I resign as artist (Whenever that is.). I'll tell you what, though: You can make one of next January's pictures if you can help me get a set of sprites that I can't find anywhere. Reply on my profile if you're interested, please. I'll then proceed to fill you in on the rest of the details.
    New stuff that I haven't sorted yet:
    Meet the team:
    My fictional Pokemon team, made of my favourite WSC entries. I am not currently accepting battles. Most are fusions, but some are scratched. It should be noticed that MANLYKARP should never be angered by spelling it in lower case. For the sake of you and at least ten genrations of your family.

    As you can see, I like my fusions to have a sort of monstrous look. I rarely fuse outside of the WSC, however.

    I've improved quite a bit since I've started doing proper revamps (resizing). I went a bit beserk with the release of HGSS...
    Hello there! Welcome to my profile. Because of my inability to keep my sprite threads alive, I have decided to make my profile into a pseudo sprite thread.
    This means I can be as inactive as I want, and not get in trouble for bumping, and it means that it can never die.
    However this also means you'll have to go to the back page every time, as there is no way to have profiles go in chronological order.
    Please note that I do not want mindless praise. I do not want to see I have 10 notifications that all turn out to be worthless, and it distracts me from useful posts. Remember this is also my profile. If you have trouble realising what I am reffering to, click this link. If you do not heed this warning, as I do not know the full extent of profile rules, I will simply moan at you, possible repeatedly. People on my friend roster can just about get away with this, but this doesn't mean you can spam me with friend requests. I will only accept if I have good reason. I really would prefer constructive c&c, and will do my very level best to make changes.
    So then, let's go!

    Wait? There's a letter limit? Dang, gonna have to overflow to the next message...
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