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  • If Charizard is Ash's last Pokemon in his Kalos team, then he'd definitely have the strongest team so far (and the coolest IMO)

    I just wish that no plot device will ruin his chance of winning the Kalos league. I mean he already made a promise to his mother, have a powerful Pokemon, an exclusive Pokemon mega-evolution solely for him and of course, his lady luck always on his side.

    I swear to Arceus, if this doesn't work out for Ash (and Amourshipping), I'm going to Japan and flip Anipoke's headquarters........Or just my computer table. :p
    Noivern is Powerhouse! Noiver is Powerhouse! Noivern is- *gets hit by a brick*

    Nice to see Noibat evolve finally. Just wondering if Charizard is Ash's 6th Pokemon in his team.
    Frankly, I would hate it if the entire Zygarde story was just cast aside. That would be stupid. And I'm pretty sure they aren't stupid. So even if it is a new gen, I have a feeling that it will be connected. Then again, I could be wrong, and they are actually stupid :p
    well as long as that girl isn't named Misty, Dawn or Iris, I don't mind! XD As long as that girl has a far better backstory with Ash than Serena but nah, I do think that Serena is the best girl for Ash and this is coming from a guy who also ships Ash with May XDD
    Ah well I'm up for any delays as long as I see Ash and Serena together for a longer time (plus more time to develop their relationship). XD

    And hey! They can always travel as a couple. I mean that can work. :D
    I hope they use a semi-deformed versions rather than straight out chibis this time and hopefully, character customization comes back a good excuse for Serena to continue on with her Ashy XD
    Well Sun and Moon are for real now.

    I got mixed feelings. I'm happy for the new Gen but at the same time sad that we're leaving Kalos already without even having the Z game. :(
    Sun and Moon.....Sounds like an interesting title. ^_^

    But wouldn't it be weird if they go to Gen 7 without releasing Pokemon Z? We already have XY&Z in anime and it's going to be weird if the Z version won't be released.
    Hahah maybe, maybe not xD Remember they haven't covered the zygarde story yet. So it may not be so. Unless of course, Gen 7 is something like Gen 2 and continues with an extension of Kalos. xD
    So much for that. Ah well, it seemed too good to be true anyway.

    It's this time that you'd wish you have time machines and just see things in the future. XD
    Though, that would kill the thrill. XD
    I'm not a regular of 4ch so I won't know much about the posters but I do hear a lot of not so good stuffs in that site.

    If that person has really good track record of predicting stuff then one can only hope of the possibility of Ash and Serena being dance partners. He mentioned James and I did saw a screenshot that Miette's tag partner is James himself so in some way he/she got that right. Still, I wont let my hopes up but at least I'm not as salty as I used to in the last few days, lol.
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