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Recent content by willischong

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    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    Pokémon can wake up and snap out of confusion at the same time.
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    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    I just got the Black Belt Glitch. I think he said "I A (linebreak) D E P ..?". Can anyone decipher?
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    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    Yea I noticed this too. I was gonna post it but you did. Anyway I think thats a side effect of the 3D effects.
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    *****CONFIRMED***** Info Discussion Topic [NOT SPECULATION]

    12th September? Nice, exactly 1 year the Platinum release. It should be out in US around February - April 2010 then. So excited. :P
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    Official MD/Ranger/Trozei Glitch Thread

    I got stuck in a wall (about 4 tiles away from the room) in Mt. Thunder yesterday after a wild Pokémon used Roar on me. Luckily I had Super Mobile to crush walls out of the way. Phew.
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    PMD [all versions] Team Name/Partner/Newest Recruit/Aura/Transform/etc. Thread

    Just recruited Lati@s from the stealing thing event (duno what its called) in PMD 1.
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    THIS GAME IS SO HARD ;O; - PMD [All Versions] Help Thread

    Do Wyvern Hill have many many monster houses? I got one in almost every single floor and about 4 of them were surprises (immidiately got it after entering floor).
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    THIS GAME IS SO HARD ;O; - PMD [All Versions] Help Thread

    No (1st question) and yes (2nd question).
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    stupidest thing u hav ever done in any pokemon dungeon game

    Going through Magma Cavern and trying to see what happens to items that is tossed into magma. I tossed and item into the magma and it disappeared and noticed that I just tossed my one and only Reviver Seed. :( Obviously I died at B21F because of this.
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    Where did you encounter your first Monster House?

    Where did you encounter your first Monster House? I got mine from Howling Forest. o.o I purposely ran into it for training. In PMD 2 I got it in Quicksand Cave. It was a surprise because I got it immidiately I entered the floor.
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    Catching Garintina, Very easy.

    I got a Reaper Cloth after catching it. It took me 2 minutes in each room to count the number of tiles in each side. Giratina was not easy to catch for me. It took me about 40 Dusk Balls.
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    Wi-Fi Plaza Games - Like or Hate?

    I love the mine jr. top. I've gotten perfect scores about 80% of the time unless the glitch (where the mine jr. is super big) appears.
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    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    Sometimes in the Plaza Games, Swalot (in Swalot Plop) and/or Mime Jr. (in Mime Jr. Top) appears really big.
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    D/P Glitch discussion thread

    This also happens on Rt 212, Rt 210, Acuity Lakefront and other routes which has weather conditions.
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    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    Click here for the D/P Glitch Discussion Thread. Talk about glitches from Pokémon Platinum here.