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Recent content by wilso

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    Pokemon in Australia

    from wat ive seen it shows up on every monday 2 thursday at 2pm (school) >.< but yer...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    after a lot of trading and stuff i started a new game to waste time for the next gen im about to go into slowpokes well Team Chomper-cranidos Moves: headbutt/focus engergy/thuderpunch/firepunch Info: i wanted to have him as my starter and he took most of the trading time >.> also about his...
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    Favorite Gen II Pokemon?

    it would go murkrow then a tie between umbreon and houndoom dark types rule o.O
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    Hardest gym leader in johto

    clair mainly because she had dragon types and the fact that they would spam thunder wave on you also the only counter i had was ice punch feraligatr and her signature pokemon was part water >.<
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    Why did so many people have trouble with whitney's milktank back in pokemon silver?

    she wasnt really a problem because i caught both nidorans (one of my fav pokes >.<) and focus energy double kick but tbh the main reason why it was hard was because we where kids back then we didnt no what strategy was =P
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    Official "What is your Team?" Thread

    my final team on leafgreen was ;003; lvl 53 greenball modest :giga drain, frenzy plant ,strength and sleep powder ;135; lvl 51 sparkle rash: shock wave, double kick, thunderbolt, quick attack ;080; lvl 59 slowsis modest: psychic , surf, icebeam, attract ;149;lvl 57 dragoon modest...
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    Pokemon in Australia

    it seems that its already been showing on cartoonnetwork at 9pm every saturday sunday