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  • Sure, no problem, you did the work not me. So you deserved every bit of praise I gave you. Plus, I really wanted to shut up that person who said all you did was make your sprite transparent:)

    Although in all honesty, I think zadros should have put the original sprite along with the new entry at least for the champion poll(as I realize that would be a LOT of work for the preliminary round). Just in the sense that I think people could more readily see the work you did.
    What dinosaur was that?

    And Spinosaurus was the basic, Dilophosaurus for the 1st stage, and Cryolophosaurus for the 2nd stage
    Ah... I understand now...
    I definately did not mean biggest dinosaur when I said that, I did mean biggest carnivorous dinosaur, and I wasn't thinking in that way when I typed it... I was thinking *hmm Spinosaurus was early cretaceous, and so were the other big carnivores, so it was the biggest of its time!*

    I am very sorry for doubting you, are you a paleontologist yourself, or planning to be one?

    I will need to study more...

    Bahariasaurus ingens Ingen- the company that made Jurassic Park... coincidence?

    Could we be friends from now on?
    I stand behind my facts as well...

    I have checked on wikipedia, and all dinosaurs that I know of that are larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in the Early cretaceous, or on the edge of the late cretaceous...

    The authors report that the ferocious beast could exert between 1,440 and 3,011 pounds of force
    What could I work on? I always like to improve. And I don't know about consistently, seeing as I haven't won a WSC yet, but thanks for your vote! Every one counts!
    Also, thanks for voting for me in the Split Initial Poll. With so many great entrants, I'm glad my sprites were among your favorites. Thanks!
    Well, I'm glad you appreciate the art. When I get another thread up in July I'll post it there as well as another version that, in my opinion, looks just as good if not better.
    Hey, man, I just want to say thanks for voting for me in Sunshine Champion Polls! It's my first WSC and I worked hard on it so I'd love to win. So again, thanks!
    thanks for voting for my devamp! i don't know why people go for the ones that are crap or those that are nothing like RBYG :p
    Don't apologize, I'm glad you were able to make something amazing like that for the contest. If I ever do make it I will most certainly post it in my dead thread, but like I said it would be a pretty time consuming sprite, and I'm not sure if I could do my idea justice at my current level of spriting.
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