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Mar 23, 2017
Feb 13, 2013
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My name is Quiliver.

Wind? was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017
    1. The Meddler
    2. Burakoru
      Hey it's fine, things happen. Shame it vanished, but you can't force content if you're busy. Hope you're doing well. :)
    3. kawaiiconcept
      merry christmas
    4. GeekyTreecko
      I don't mind it, I think it is good for what it is. Seems to be building up to something, but I can wait on that.
    5. GeekyTreecko
      I personally do not mind where it goes as long as things don't become incredibly boring at times. It's your game after all, and whatever you come up with is fine with me.
    6. kawaiiconcept
      its a bit confusing for me because I only read to season 2 before I decided to join
      so ill go read the rest of the seaspns so I actually know what exactly is happening
      ill get back to you when im done
      you could do what I do
      just write until you find a natural ending
    7. Burakoru
      I'm really good with any of these options; in the end I say do the one you find works best for you, and if that's going until Story 3 and dropping the story, then go nuts. In the end, while yes, we're all a part of this....you're the one who is putting time and energy into this.

      Tl;dr: Do whatever you want, I'll accept it. :)
    8. Burakoru
      Eh; I feel they can't appreciate the reference so it just seems dumb to them. ;)
    9. Burakoru
      Yeah; gotta wonder what way it's taking. Especially since some of our characters (Khan, namely) are more for peace than actual war...which can easily lead to some interesting interactions between characters later.
    10. Burakoru
      Yeah....I swear if Asukara is eliminated because of this vote I'm gonna be sad.
    11. Burakoru
      askuhra for being condradictory
      ....Contradictory? How was what he said contradictory in the slightest?
    12. Burakoru
      Oh yeah, definitely more...I can definitely see her uncovering the hidden truths about the Dragon Kingdom, like their motives for blocking everyone off, and who the ruler actually is.
    13. Burakoru
      Alright, lets see...

      Andre - So far...has felt like a stereotypical "Feminine Pokemon that is a Male" situation.... which isn't a BAD thing, just also something I've seen a lot before.
      Freighya - Freighya feels like a female Andre..... that sums it up quite nicely, actually.
      Koph - Koph has had some...honestly humorous moments so far, like her (him? I'm too lazy to double-check) as a character, though I can easily see her blindness being her downfall later on.
      Faith - Faith reminds me of like a manager at a grocery store, who isn't part of the department but still gives advice on how to do things, despite being told differently....so I don't like Faith much.
      Unforgiven - Honestly, Unforgiven hasn't had a lot of....actual character, so for me they're just sort of...there.
      Violetta - I honestly really like Violetta's character, and hope she doesn't get eliminated this round because of her teleportation spell issues.
      Lumpy - ...I'll be honest I forgot Lumpy existed until I started writing this list......
    14. Burakoru
      Yeah...honestly just about everyone did something wrong this week, so it comes more down to personal opinion of who did the worst....
    15. Burakoru
      Yeah...Just means a lot of good characters for potential returns in All-Star or Cameos in future seasons. ;) Expand the world n' all that.
    16. Burakoru
      Yeah; that's fair. Those characters definitely have some longevity to them...

      I dunno...it's fun? Honestly I don't even remember Kris and Francois. Though I can agree you don't go off of the romantic options that often (which can be understandable; if a character gets eliminated early on that's a lot of potential wasted, and in order to even realize those relationships you'd have to bring them back later on...which is slightly more forced.)

      Yeah. It's a shame that we have so many interesting characters on Team Osbourne...like how Week 1, everyone basically unanimously voted out Drake, but on Osbourne's side it was a lot more varied in votes.

      Nope! Cause I honestly don't have a clue why he would be against isolation!
    17. Burakoru
      I really liked the leaders of the Ice Kingdom.....I can't say anything about the Dragon Kingdom cause I know jack **** about him/her/it..

      As for the characters....

      Lucky - I kinda feel bad for Lucky; since his clumsiness feels like it's become the major factor of him as a character, so he's been up on the chopping block a lot so far.
      Khan - ...Khan's kinda boring. Then again when your character is "Doesn't resort to violence unless absolutely necessary", there isn't much to go on...
      Lieutenant Burr - I honestly like Lieutenant Burr as a character, and hope to see him more in the future...since he's probably going to be eliminated for his own stubborness.
      Asukara - I'll be honest; I'm glad you haven't made his fear the sole defining characteristic about him that gets used. There have been points where a character has a lot of interesting traits, but it feels like one specific one is honed in on and that character gets eliminated early because it's either a bad trait, or people get sick of the trait.
      Gherkin - It's interesting how he...basically has his own little episode, since it's focused on cooking, but I'm not sure how much he'll bring to the table (ba dum bum tsh) after this...
      Johnny - He..........exists... I know Gry loves him, but he's just sort of there for me.
      Eminent - She's definitely had a larger focus on the...motherly side of her character. Would be interested to see some more of the "attractiveness" side of her, but I can see how that'd be weird to set up.

      I'll do the Squidley-team characters after the next update, just to see what you do before sharing my opinion. ;)
    18. Burakoru
      Huh...interesting. Can't wait to see more of the story. :)
    19. Burakoru
      ...so we'll see a lot of Korvas in Osbourne's side of the story while we see a lot of Ivan in Squidley's side?

      or that they are the characters for/against isolation we'll see the most of?
    20. Burakoru
      The interview was really interesting, and I hope to see more of them for a little info on why people are choosing to be for or against isolation.... Garon is....not what I expected for a Tyranitar, but maybe it's just the lack of many lines of dialogue. Then again there's a habit with people making pokemon not what you'd expect of their species. Korvas is......really well done, honestly. I like the ideas that are being used for him, and the fact he's still young and has Pollis, Selena, and Abraham supporting him.

      And yes, I loved the reference to Korvas x Selena.
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