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Mar 23, 2017
Feb 13, 2013
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My name is Quiliver.

Wind? was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017
    1. Gryoine
      It didn't end up well for you, truly.

    2. Burakoru
      Ooh; getting me excited. :D And now I'm definitely looking forward to more on Nero and Spice. :)
    3. Burakoru
      The Nero portion was really interesting; I'm excited to learn more about this mysterious group Nero speaks of...that may or may not have something to do with Charlie ????????

      As for the actual episodes, they've definitely been interesting, and...damnit Grey, now I mentally ship Cosmic Mole and Squidley! X_X
    4. Burakoru
      Yeah; it definitely makes sense. Hax adds a lot more to the table with his gimmick of the Virtual World, while James......pretty much has pork pies.
    5. Burakoru
      Wow; my comment of how ties should be handled came in handy... xD

      But yeah; I honestly agree with your decision, Hax is frankly a more interesting character than James, and as far as the "general reasonings" for elimination, James had a better reasoning. It also keeps us from having to wait until the tie is broken, if it feels like there are a lot of votes, and it's taking a while.
    6. Burakoru
      Honestly; it's still too early to say much. I like how we're going to different nations...and I'm kinda sad Hax might be the first to leave. >_> He literally quacks sand acts like a normal duck...

      It's hard to add to the conversation when you quack like a duck. That's like eliminating Newtwo for not writing an essay on how he came into existence.
    7. Burakoru
      If I may ask, which ones are you rolling your eyes at?

      (If you don't want to openly hurt someone's feelings you can PM me it. :P )
    8. John Trainer
    9. Burakoru
      I really like how people are taking advantage of the new Type Nations to create characters for themselves; though I haven't gone too in-depth on contestants, there's no one so far that I'm just like "Nope, hate that guy."
    10. John Trainer
      John Trainer
      How about Vibrava?
    11. RzK
      All right, nice to know.

      So, is there a deadline for submitting nominations?
    12. RzK
      I'll nominate only if you join the next round of Pokémon Free-for-All

      Jk, I'll think of nominating if I can think up something interesting.
    13. Burakoru
      Oh sure; misread that in your last VM. Lemme go edit that.
    14. Burakoru
      I'm totally fine with that. It'll definitely make his story more interesting...

      Just make sure the Ghost Nation all fear him so it doesn't mess up his character. ;)
    15. Burakoru
      Usually characters are (partially) inspired by characters in shows I've been watching...but I haven't been watching anything lately, so I winged it.
    16. ~Emolga~
      Thanks for letting me know! Of course I would like to join! I'll join in a sec with a somewhat good Pokemon :P
    17. Burakoru
      Whoo, new season!

      Whoo, have to think of a character!
    18. Burakoru
      Every time I say something might take a while...I get it done very quickly.... wow.

    19. Burakoru
      Sure; it might take longer than usual. New computer, with new stuff, so Paint looks different than what I'm accustomed to, so it might take a few to readjust.
    20. Burakoru
      Alright; that makes sense. Can't wait to get accustomed to these outliers we haven't heard of (that I remember) until now. :)
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