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Mar 23, 2017
Feb 13, 2013
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My name is Quiliver.

Wind? was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017
    1. Burakoru
      The volcano scene was very sweet. :) Honestly feel bad for Wyatt with how things went, but everyone has their time and place.
    2. Burakoru
      ...I'm sure we'll find out WHAT he was trying to blow up at some point? Maybe?

      Yeah. I was so annoyed when I found out I did all that research...to find out you made a small typo and that the answer was staring me in the face. xD
    3. Burakoru
      Yeees you can't just leave it hanging! <3

      Ah; to blow stuff up...makes....sense I guess?

      No. Because of our whole discussion of you including someone in the polls who shouldn't have been.
    4. Burakoru
      Well; as I did mention in my post answering questions...I really do want to see more of.. "Team Nero", I guess. They all have a lot of potential, especially with the power behind Nero's back of Ricken and Gargoyle. They could really be a major threat if used correctly, and just the idea of it gets me hyped with potential...that'll probably never come to fruition. xD
    5. John Trainer
      John Trainer
      Question ^^" if someone has blocked you are you not able to respond to their messages cause I cannot respond to fango pangos Pokemon big brother message and I'm not sure if it's cause (s)he blocked me or what cause (s)he did seem mad
    6. Burakoru
      It might also be me; I got a new laptop so I'm still sorting things out, so my brain's a little frazzled today. xD
    7. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      It was alright.
    8. Burakoru
      It's definitely intersting. I had to re-read it cause I got a little confused about the bomb, but I think I grasp it well enough now.

      Also, happy Drajesty's (currently according to votes) winning since Yono got eliminated. :)
    9. Burakoru
      Well; I got back, and it hasn't gone up...so guess I made it.
    10. Burakoru
      Ah; looking forward to it.... if I'm even around when it goes live. xD Lots of family stuff this week cause...

      Apparently 18 is a very important birthday to people. :P
    11. Burakoru
      Ah...well then I do give you too much credit. xD

      That's a lot more anticlimactic reasoning.
    12. Burakoru
      I think the final stretch is going very nicely; I was a little worried with how Yonowaru's elimination would be dealt with, but I like the idea of him being dedicated to hunting down Lloyd; would definitely love to see references to that dedicated hunt in the future; I also like how you explained the stealing of the parts, and I'm curious to see how the Ferris Wheel comes into play (unless it already did and I missed it.)

      Because I doubt you'd simply say the Ferris Wheel was missing just as flavor text.
    13. Hydrangea
      Pretty good! Working on a large project I've had in mind for a while so I haven't been super active on Serebii for the most part.

      What about you?
    14. Burakoru
      Now I'm pumped for the rest of the ASI updates. :D
    15. fango pango
      fango pango
      I will read en masse when I get the chance. Should be Monday, I'm at a show tomorrow.

      Why? I live in England, we go from September to July.
    16. Burakoru
      Honestly; no complaints. I'm not surprised that it turns out Nero was being framed, and I'm kinda glad it did end up that way...

      Dr. Wise having hypnotized Wyatt did surprise me though. I kinda expected them to be in league with each other, but I wasn't expecting that.

      Also, I really liked the DnD battle-style, it makes it so anyone stands a chance, and gives multiple characters who can be worthy of elimination. I would definitely like to see something like that more in the future for battles. :)
    17. fango pango
      fango pango
      It's been stressful. College work and stuff meaning I've been less active. Apologies for not voting, I would if not for college.

      Only reason I'm back with Bedrock is because it's totally unfair if the GM ain't runnin the ship there.
    18. John Trainer
      John Trainer
      I like it I think it's really funny!
    19. Burakoru
      Cause I am boring.
    20. Burakoru
      Clearly it's C.. xD
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