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Mar 23, 2017
Feb 13, 2013
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My name is Quiliver.

Wind? was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017
    1. Burakoru
      Thank you. I didn't expect that to be the thing, it was just the first thing that came to mind...though if I'd been right that'd have been hilarious. xD

      But yeah; no clue really where this story'll go.
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Nope. Free to join now. If you guess the answer then you get to pick a word next :)
    3. Burakoru
      Not really sure where it will go....

      inb4 Dr. Wise is an illusion of Nero's and Nero has completely turned traitor crackpot theory blaaaaaah. :P
    4. Burakoru
      Yeah; it'll suck if people get eliminated because of something not in their personality...

      Then again I'd also hate just as much if someone got eliminated because they did the most "wrong" in a pile of good...like with some of the battle episodes. :P
    5. Burakoru
      It's definitely interesting, and I feel like it makes it so certain characters (Yonowaru, Sophie, Yuki, Pierre, mainly the goody-two-shoes characters) have a good excuse for potential elimination...which definitely keeps things fun in my mind.
    6. Burakoru
      It was John Snow, because his elimination scene said he fell and was to "never be seen again". Then I remembered you added him back, and he wasn't in the poll for his season, so I realized that wasn't it.
    7. Burakoru
      My original guess that I was talking about earlier was someone who made it into the ASI, but not through fan-voting. (though I scrapped that idea) xD
    8. Burakoru
      I'm currently going over every character in the polls one last time, recapping their removal in their respective season to make sure there was no death, or major story involvement I'm forgetting. xD
    9. Burakoru
      I don't know; xD I thought you were trying to be sneaky and see if I'd forgotten about Kenneth being a member or something.
    10. Burakoru
      and in the process of doing all this searching...man I would kill for simple links to the start of each season. :P
    11. Burakoru
      You say it's "obvious" but I'm still doubting myself on who I'm thinking...
    12. Burakoru
      I'm doing my research... I have one person in mind that could be the answer, but I'm making sure there isn't a more obvious one I'm missing in more recent seasons.

      And I was figuring I'd PM if I found anything, just so I don't spoil it for anyone else. ;)
    13. Burakoru
      Yeah; definitely see your point. That's a LOT of characters. :P

      Though now I have to wonder who ????? is... (if ????? is Kenneth I swear....)
    14. Burakoru
      If I may ask...what were the plans for Cookie and Gilligan? Would it have just been more of Gilligan taking over Cookie's inventions? Or would there have been more?

      (and if you wanted in an episode or two you could easily have Gilligan's boat he took over crash or something, and have him be a recurring eliminated-character...)
    15. Burakoru
      Fair enough; still, have to wonder which one of the characters that did something wrong will be gone...
    16. Burakoru
      Yeah; it's been close as a lot of the characters have been likable, or only a small few have "done something wrong" in that round.
    17. Burakoru
      Well lets see, we have 11 characters left...and hopefully votes won't be so divided that it'll be complicated...
    18. Burakoru
      Unless I leave Serebii forever before it happens!!!

      Who am I kidding I'll see. :P
    19. Burakoru
      >possibly story. Makes me wonder what on earth Joecano could have happen.
    20. Burakoru
      Ah; well I hope they bring that humor you desire to add. :) I definitely think pairing Joecano with........anyone moderately competent can be a funny duo.
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