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  • Yeah I figured that's why....it's more a commentary on how people are creating their characters than on your writing.
    It's...going to be interesting, I'll say that. Like a lot of the characters and how they're being portrayed (as I honestly expected, don't like Drake). I also like how divided the votes on the Osbourne team are.
    I saw it; just sorta thinking if there's any character I'd like to add....got a little character-creation-block at the moment.
    Let's see...... Faith is kind of interesting, could work with a couple characters, but nothing terribly special...

    Unforgiven seems really nice, and I'm looking forward to possibilities with......them.............wish we knew a gender, but eh.

    And a bonus, Eminem Eminent, she feels like someone at an interview, honestly... "If I had one flaw, it would be that I worry too much about others.", but her beauty could make for some interesting interactions with some of our more flirtatious characters.
    Jackario is........umm..........interesting. Another of the "sort of flirty" characters, but that existential crisis makes me raise an eyebrow...

    And then Johnny I find kinda funny; not the most interesting of characters, but funny.
    Let's see... Hiram........this is a Harambe meme isn't it...........yep, it's a Harambe meme. Ugh.

    Lucky seems like a cute character, sort of along the lines of ones like Leafy, where their one major issue isn't that bad an issue...but can still be used against them.

    Andre is.........very interesting; I'm afraid all of this character could potentially go to waste if people vote him off early (which tends to happen with flirtatious characters)...

    Ryota...I don't know why, but I like the idea of a character who really only wants to benefit themselves (and their allies) and doesn't think about how it effects others. Could make for an interesting episode somewhere along the line.

    LIEUTENANT BURR WITH THE SHOTS AT PORK PIES I LOVE HIM ALREADY! Also, a military man who is against authority, very interesting concept.

    Khan is.......a character. Honestly there's not much to go with other than "He's pessimistic, and violence is his last resort."

    I'm probably biased towards Asukara so I won't say anything.

    Gherkin.... is a chef. I'm not seeing any major issues with this character, but the french accent's a nice touch.

    Freighya feels like a character you'd try to woo in a dating simulation... (someone get Austin in here ASAP! I already ship it! xD)

    Koph is Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender...

    Drake is a biggoted moron....though that COULD lead for some interesting interactions between him and Andre if he doesn't get eliminated like...first.
    Hm.... I'd say 48 hour mark.

    Alright I'll take some time and go read through those personalities. xD
    Need to take a proper look at all the personalities before I can agree with that sentiment. :p
    Mkay, completely forgot about the gladiator-style battle arena in the fighting kingdom...

    If that was even common knowledge until just now.
    ;448; Jackario the goofy actor he likes to act and loves to entertain people but he's also kind of a shmooze and will do anything to get ahead and is very serious about performing. Jackario also struggles with existentialism and his place in the world as he fears he is trapped and that no one cares if he will die or not
    Looks good; sorry I didn't respond until now. Literally got back from work, started eating, and started working on my character for the game. xD
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