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  • Yeah; it was nice. There's honestly not much else you could've done with that plot without having it blow out of proportion... like having Squidley form her own team out of contestants that rivals Osbourne's "out of proportion", which at this point in time probably would've been a bit much.
    Hey; he honestly has more character than Lord Deoxys in my opinion....and now that my characters are gone I want the more interesting character to win.
    Ah; right. For some reason that didn't register while I was looking at the list of rulers that Zek and Groudon got replaced....

    Still say Zygarde.
    Ah; who runs the Dragon Nation...really there are so many options.

    We can automatically rule out... Giratina, Dialga, Black/White Kyurem, and Zekrom, since they rule other nations, as well as Arceus since he rules the whole region... that leaves the more-logical answers to be either Latias/Latios, Trevor, Palkia, Reshiram, or Zygarde....

    So I'm gonna guess Zygarde.
    Lets see...firstly, SPICE NOOOO! D:

    Secondly, really enjoying the conflict between Squidley and Osbourne, since Squidley clearly doesn't feel there is any trust despite being the second in command, it's very nice. I'm also very interested in where this "Law of Isolation" is going to go....this is honestly probably your most plot-heavy season yet (that, or the All-Star Round), and I'm loving it. It's interesting to hypothesize what will happen, what won't, and it's honestly a lot better at drawing me in now, as compared to earlier in the season.
    I'll let you know I did get this message....

    but it's early, I got no sleep whatsoever last night, I have a long work-day today, so although I voted in PBB I'm probably not going to give story-thoughts until after I get back from work later today. :)
    Yeah...it's a little too...oddly specific.

    Gives off that sorta... Raspberry/Oldie vibe, but except it wasn't a one-off thing... it was brought back, for some odd reason. xD
    Yep....well I really want him gone Cause I'm racist against non-legendary pokemon cause in my opinion the pork-pie thing has been overdone as this point (It's not you...it's the fact we've had Melvin, and that other character that liked Pork Pies that I forget the name of...and just, so much attention to an extremely random food.)
    Yeah; honestly the story really started building up for me when we got to the exploding Forretresses.

    I'm also surprised that despite thinking this was one of my weaker seasons character-creation-wise, both have somehow made it to Top 5.
    It makes sense, that's for sure.

    Can't wait to see interactions between Squidley and Osbourne after Nero (hopefully) gets him out.
    I have to say; was pretty shocked at the exploding Forretress, but it was a nice touch. Squidley's scene is also very interesting, as it shows a nice little bit of tension between her and Osbourne. Felt way too much emotion in that "I don't need him." line...I liked it. :)

    I also finally have...a LOT of viable excuses to vote out Melvin, where I feel like he was actually the most deserving of the vote, and I don't have any bias about it!
    I said at some point; at the moment it's just an idea that I can keep stored away for if I'm running out of ideas again (...like this season...), but if I can think of something I really enjoy for next season that doesn't use this gimmick, I'll probably use whatever I come up with instead.
    Nah; better than Meta Joke. Meta Joke was poorly done and completely focused on the fact he was a creator of a forum game.

    This character would have MORE to them than just the gag; so that there's more to GO OFF OF than just the gag, so his actions aren't only gag-related.
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