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  • They went from fighting to a pie fest by the magic of PLOT!

    Note to self: At some point create a character who knows they're on a web forum and not an actual TV Show......essentially like a Deadpool for the series. ;)
    Eh I feel his sour attitude was warranted. I mean, the pirates did attack them and only stopped when Gilligan commanded them to.
    Yeah, that's definitely happened a few times. Though those points where no one does anything wrong does make it sometimes easier to eliminate characters that rarely ever even do anything wrong.
    Ooh; the fact I guessed a few correctly (and the fact I don't know which ones they are) make me more excited. :1
    Well the truth for pretty much all these answers is "I don't know", but lemme take a crack at each of these... I personally believe the story is going to continue to build up to a 3-way war between a group that Osbourne rallies, The Rebels, and King Genesect's army, with the mysterious unknown leader of the Dragon Nation being the leader of The Rebels...

    I believe the war will be the major focus of the next season, where members of the competition will be partaking in a group Osbourne (potentially with the help of Nero) rallies together to fight the two major enemies of The Rebels and King Genesect's army, with a lot of potential for bringing back previous characters and using different locations for parts of the war. As for who will win....most likely Osbourne's team would win, but I could also see a surprise twist where King Genesect wins and then later on you have an arc involving overthrowing King Genesect's tyrant ways and restoring the nations to how they once were.

    I believe that in the end, Ivan will continue to push for Isolation, until some point later (potentially next season) he will see the error of his ways and support Osbourne in the war, potentially helping change the tide of a major fight.

    I can easily see the pirates tying in as a big portion of the Rebel Army, perhaps with Gilligan even being a major role in the Rebel's higher-ups.

    Really, anything could've happened to them, but I think that they were captured with intent to be persuaded to join the Rebels, with Hunter being convinced that the Rebels were the weakest team and that the Governments would surely stop them without his help, and Arcedula being bribed with it's item.
    Thank you; and I would've made that point even if the person abandoning their date wasn't my own character. ;) At least I'd hope I would.

    Gilligan's definitely taking on an interesting role; I like how he's gone from clumsy criminal, to stealing a ship, to becoming leader of a band of pirates, to a member of the rebellion. :) Definitely hope to see more of him in the future, and even if he doesn't appear later, he's been of good use for the plot in revealing a little more about The Rebels...

    Also Mercury returning was an interesting touch.
    Ah that stinks. I hate being sick, I haven't been in quite a while.

    Rowlet, Ninetales and maybe that adorable Raichu. Otherwise, I agree; I wanna see more Pokemon first.
    I've been pretty good, yourself?

    I like most of them that have been introduced! I'm actually having trouble deciding on a team. I know I want Alola Ninetales and Rowlet for sure though. What about you?
    Hope you start feelin' better soon, Grey. :/

    But yeah; it usually takes a bit, let the story build up, let me get more accustomed to the characters that don't get eliminated early on, ect. ect.
    So far, as in the season as a whole hasn't gripped me yet. Which is completely fair in itself, it usually takes me a few episodes and for the stories to begin building up for me to really be captivated, it's just how I am.

    I'm definitely intrigued by Nero's plot, but so far the stuff going on with the contestants hasn't caught me yet.
    It's doing well at setting up for the bigger plot, but so far it hasn't really gripped me yet like some of the episodes in past seasons have. Do honestly like a lot of the characters we have remaining (Only ones I don't really like are Melvin...cause pork pies, and Pollis... yeah, Pollis is the first time I make a character that I end up not being a huge fan of. XD Maybe I'll start liking him more as time goes on if he doesn't get eliminated for being so focused on solely Selena in every episode. :p )
    It's nice, definitely looking forward to what happens from here on out...especially since there's a Skiddo involved. ;)
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