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Jul 11, 2014
Jul 27, 2009
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windsong was last seen:
Jul 11, 2014
    1. Mye
      If I remember correctly, everyone IS entitled to their opinion. And if my opinion seems like trolling, then either ignore it or get lost. I offer advice on how I'd use the team, and if you don't like it, then too bad.
    2. d0nut
      Machamp and Metagross aren't the only common leads that you lose to actually. Jirachi is probably even worse to Lassy than either of those two cause of Iron Head flinch hax. Tyranitar can OHKO even through Sash thanks to Sand Stream. Heatran and Infernape both take it down in two hits but Froslass can at least get two layers or one layer and a Taunt. Infernape is 2HKO'd most of the time by Shadow Ball if Lass uses it. Also on a side note there is a small chance that Roserade won't be 2HKO'd by Icy Wind but again, its only a small chance. Icy Wind is still a pretty interesting idea for Aerodactyl and Azelf (if you use Shadow Ball.)
    3. d0nut
      Icy Wind is actually pretty useful for beating Aerodacyl leads. It doesn't do much to Azelf as it only 3HKOs. Icy Wind also won't take out anti-lead Dragonite like Ice Beam will but around half the time it will KO after one LO recoil. Still good for Aero I guess but not anything else I can think of.
    4. windsong
      lol, ok...
    5. July
      hi there and welcome hope u like this ;)
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