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Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2014
Jul 27, 2009
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windsong was last seen:
Jul 11, 2014
    1. R4GEKILL!!!
      JOIN MUH CRAN. pwease?
    2. Pathfinder
      To answer your previous question , no it's not a joke. It's for real.
    3. kal2400
      Do you know, if heal bell is Illegal with multiscale Dragonite? because using left overs is nice but he can be statused which is very annoying.
    4. kal2400
      Yo Izzy can you help me improve my OU team for 5th gen if I PM it to you? I know your busy with VGC's and all but I need help with it please?
    5. kal2400
      I wasn't mad Izzy just curious at why you visited my page, Why you say their would be an argument, no need man I can't if I want to be on your good side and somehow return to Marriland one day. If I offended you in anyway Izzy I'm sorry, but Ijust like saying Come at me Bro!
    6. kal2400
      Nice lie, your absolutely hilarious you visited it tuesday, Because I monitor my page constantly and you weren't on it then your name suddenly appears Izzy, you can't bluff me, So come at me bro!
    7. TrollFreak
      i know right, give him the title already
    8. TrollFreak
      Lock or delete this thread if this is true, honestly. You so obviously stole the team (say what you will about having made it yourself - generally its hard to copy word for word descriptions of a different team if you 'made the team yourself') that it's not even funny, and blatant plagiarism is not cool. Or a good or intelligent idea.
      Here's what funny, he uses 3 different teams, one for regionals, nats, and worlds, so by June/July when nats come around, the team won't do good in the metagame :D
    9. kal2400
      Izzy why you keep viewing my profile page? I'm already banned on Marriland no need to torture me here man.
    10. R4GEKILL!!!
    11. TrollFreak
      lol, thanks for that, yea, fight mons have been annoying, mostly conk (why didn't she post that as a weakness) but fortunately, they have been on the decline on the ladder, so i Don't see them as much. Glis is handy i agree, but finding a spot for it is the promblem, best thing i can think about replacing is Skarm, but i like more passive damage w/ spikes.
    12. Cometk
      go 2 bed lil boy
    13. kal2400
      OMG no you can't be your Izzy awe man you voted for my ban Flame did Void did Kenshin did and Goo probably finished me off darn Wish I had a pot of gold to turn me luck around and fix my banning I understand it now sorry to have bothered you.
    14. kal2400
      Seriously saying something like just got illegally boxed by Void is flaming that isn't the definition of flaming, 2 sticken posts like that, really and this happens to me come on people really, I know I was labeled as a triple threat bad boi but you guys have to give me one last shot 1 strike i'm dead and gone forever please and make it to where I have to stay boxed for 12 days and I can't come on, I swear I'll read and develop positive role models I know I can do it please?just 1 more chance I was mad and being stupid and not thinking straight So I'm super sorry to all you mods at marrilandeven though it's kinda late.
    15. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      pfft you can't quit.
    16. kal2400
      And while I was boxed I never flamed any Admin or mod in my 50+ posts go look it up. Mr. mod or so you say.
    17. kal2400
      Bull the only place I flamed Void was on here never on marriland, So that leads me to think your Void since I flamed him here never on Marriland.

      And your not a mod on marriland or are you?
    18. kal2400
      Are you really a mod on marriland?
    19. kal2400
      hey let's battle 5th gen OU.
    20. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Just for fun, I ran these calcs of a Choice Specs Escavalier against several Pokémon. All of the calcs are made with Stealth Rock active.

      Bug Buzz against Scarftar: 70.18% - 80.7%

      Energy Ball against Jellicent: 54.59% - 62.03%

      HP Water against Gliscor: 67.23% - 77.4%

      Bug Buzz against Ferrothorn: 37.22% - 43.18%

      Focus Blast against Scarf Kyurem: 98.47% - 111.73%

      Focus Blast against Standard Tyranitar: 78.71% - 90.59%

      With SR on the opponent's side of the field, and the bulk to take a few hits, Specscavalier is actually somewhat menacing.
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