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Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2014
Jul 27, 2009
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windsong was last seen:
Jul 11, 2014
    1. kal2400
      Who are you on Marriland SpaceGoo? If so your pretty cool and chill.
    2. Zachmac
      Don't worry, I just fixed it.

      It says trolling now.
    3. jesusfreak94
      Yeah, I used to use that calc. I just switched over to the new one because it has 5th Gen factors in the programming.

      Ok, so I used the Cherubi calc and got the same result. 100% chance to OHKO. Here's the data I entered, check and see if I made a mistake (huge possibility).
    4. Latias_
      Really Solace is female?

      Judging from his/her voice it sounds rather masculine
    5. kal2400
      What mod are you on Marriland? Don't tell me a super power house one?
    6. kal2400
      I know she is Solace from Smogon and thinks shes so darn amazing but all she ever does is troll.

      She was Aster/ golden arrow but she got sandboxxed on marriland.
    7. jesusfreak94
      I actually just plugged in the 252 EVs for SpA and let the calculator come up with the stat on it's own. 0.o

      Well, when I get back on the computer, I'll try a different calculator and see if there's just something wrong with the one I'm using. Either way, Specscavalier is still probably more viable than half the sets on POTW, lol.
    8. jesusfreak94
      This one. I tried it again and got the same result: 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Escavalier Bug Buzz vs 0 HP/0 SpDef Latios: 101.66% - 119.6%
      The reason I was asking was because I did it without Specs and got this: 252 SpAtk Escavalier Bug Buzz vs 0 HP/0 SpDef Latios: 67.77% - 79.73%, pretty much what you got.

      It doesn't really matter, since BH is gonna infract the next person who mentions it, but whatever. :P
    9. jesusfreak94
      Bro, I'm loving your essay on Specscavalier. Just one thing, I think you forgot to add in the Choice Specs in the calcs. I double-checked, and turns out Bug Buzz always OHKOs Rash Latios, usually OHKOs Tyranitar, sometimes OHKOs Latias, and most importantly, OHKOs Blue Harvest. Every. Single. Time.
    10. kal2400
      I still don't believe Aster is all that important and will need evidence to back it up as she can't beat me at anything.
      thank you sir EE
    12. kal2400
      Who are you?And Aster is not imporyant unless your refering to Aster Phoenix from Yugioh GX.
    13. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      EE I'm a mod, I could MAKE you post it if I wanted too. If you want to re-post it to get rates or re-do the descriptions or whatever that's fine but if you don't care I'll rebuild your original thread and have it added to the archive.
    14. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      lol yes you did. I can see everything you do, even deleted posts.
    15. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Can I add your RU team to the RMT archive?
    16. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Don't get banned! We need you :(
    17. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      lol, I didn't even know you had an alt.
    18. Utopian

    19. Cometk
      the ladies needed to be taught a lesson

      yes u are

    20. Zachmac
      Yes, but only one of focus blast's misses seemed to matter, and the odds of it missing at least once weren't that low.
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