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Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2014
Jul 27, 2009
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windsong was last seen:
Jul 11, 2014
    1. mycooly
      you retired
    2. MooseSmuggler
    3. TrollFreak
    4. emboarrocks
      Emboar does more damage than infernape and has wild charge to counter waters and head smash for flying
    5. emboarrocks
      Because Emboar can utilitze its ability better-Wild Charge,Flare Blitz and Head Smash. And BTW, Emboar's Wild charge and Flare BLitz do more than Infernapes Flareblitz/Fire Punch and thunderpunch
    6. LilPrinnyDood
      And I appreciate that but you were breaking serebii rules and I cant afford to get my members in trouble because of your carelessness. Dont take it personally.
    7. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      lol what.

      Also go to the TA xat. And stop troll joining random clans :(
    8. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      We can war them after this fight ends. Also win your battle for us! CC is easily one of the toughest clans on the site.. They have some good players like Skynet and Big Beluga. After this war TA can retire back to drinking beer and not liking foreigners!
    9. Serebii
      Because it was irrelevant to the topic, and regardless...nobody will take over from me on the site.
    10. 3.14kachu
      I'm not mad at you because you told me about my mistake. Really, I'm grateful. I'm mad because you told me by way of a visitor message that everyone else could see. There's such a thing as private messages, you know. What you did was akin to insulting me in front of the entire forum community.

      Fine, it's a mistake. I just want this to end. I respect you, even though you don't respect me. And one day we may face off on PO, and I'll show you how much I've learned. See you later, EE.
      Sena is Ragnarok
    12. 3.14kachu
      If the strategy I posted is stall, then why is stall so incredibly misnamed? Isn't stalling defined as trying to waste another's time or provide a diversion? My team doesn't do that. What I showed is merely the defensive, rather than offensive, way to set up effects on switches. How you use it from there is up to you.

      Once you use that strategy to get screens up, you can sweep from behind them, use them to protect you as you stat-up, or (following the literal definition), you could stall. But that is neither the only option nor the focus of the team.
    13. Cometk
      sena did it don't blame me :(
    14. Cometk
      am wonderful
    15. zac4564
      Hey I'm your new opponent in the war because Whitestone left the clan.
    16. White_Stoner30
      I'm your war battle, so let's just get this over with :p
    17. Spiky
      < < ow sorry. ^^ I forgot a little about that sorry but...
      YEAH!!! NICE DONE MY FRIEND!!!! :D ^^ And do you gen 4 battle? And are you in a clan?
      See ya!!! ;P
    18. Spiky
      huhh? lol what did you mean with that? :D
    19. Makaveli
      why thank you =D such a strong excellent user yourself :)
    20. mycooly
      troll buddy =D
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