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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2014
May 8, 2012
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Mechanical Engineer

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FriedChickenTrainer, from 'merica

Windsor358 was last seen:
Dec 28, 2014
    1. flyer1228
      Hey there! I believe you have a request ;)
    2. AphoticVoid
      That's great! I also have some nice Pokémon ready to be EV trained, I just haven't had the time to train them.
    3. flyer1228
      I like Tepig in white. Well, that's because it's a fire starter of course. ^^
    4. flyer1228
      I like Fennekin too since it's a Fire starter. I choose 95% Fire starters and 5% Water starters. Then again, I haven't really restarted my games, so i suppose those percentages would differ..... People are speculating that it'll be Fire/Psychic. That'd be interesting, for sure!
    5. flyer1228
      Haha personally I think Chepin is the only decent looking one, but I rarely ever choose grass pokemon, so I doubt i would choose it. Legend of Zelda, one of your other favorites? I'm only really into Pokemon on my DS, but i've heard those games are good. They should be called Adventures of Link though or so my friend said since they feature mostly Link.
    6. flyer1228
      Heck yeah! The New starters are interesting for sure. Too bad they have to be played on the 3DS. :/ I wonder what new features there will be!
    7. AphoticVoid
      Yo, it's been awhile, how've you been?
    8. flyer1228
      Actually, I didn't have that many went Pokemon until I said I would take over that section. I joined a site and they had so many events available ^^.

      5th generation sounds SWEET! Mannn I really wish I had a generation 5 game, but I'm trying to get out of my pokemon phase and it's way too much money for a video game.
    9. flyer1228
      That's true, sorry about that! (I sorta stole the thunder with my section). The reason people don't PM you is because I asked them not to unless otherwise asked. I heard you moved onto 5th generation, how's that going for ya???
    10. flyer1228
      Heya! You've got a request in the shop!
    11. flyer1228
      I've been good. Relaxing like 24/7. It's great! :) Too bad I need to do some winter homework before the break ends. How are you?
    12. flyer1228
      Heya! Merry Christmas Eve!!!
    13. ZiR
    14. Maya Fey
      Maya Fey
      Hey I am so sorry for neglecting this! :/ I only just remembered I had an account here... 0_0
    15. PokemonAndDBZ
      I acutally had most of em in my bag. Thanks anyways
    16. flyer1228
      No problem :)
    17. flyer1228
      Okay, so I sorta lost (the images) from the breading one, so i used the same images (found them again on google) so it might not be the exact same.


    18. flyer1228


      Not sure what color you had.


      The other ones i'll get later. Bannersnack isn't loading. ><
    19. flyer1228
      Do you have the photos or should I give you the link to my copy? ( I can upload them again to my photobucket)
    20. flyer1228

      1. You have an offer in the trade shop. P. 8
      2. I deleted some userbars from my Photobucket. It seems you didn't load them to your own image hosting website. I can give you the photos again, but please have them on your own image hosting website next time. >< (Photobucket... etc)
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  • About

    Mechanical Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Heres my 6th gen 5IV pokes. these lists can get really cluttered so mine is in this format: Pokemon (natures/abilities/flawed IV/balls) w/eggmoves. The availability of males and females depends, if youve got a certain gender and combination of other things you wand let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Abra (Timid / MagicGuard / -Atk / Dream) w/ knockoff, skill swap, encore
    Snorlax (Adamant / ThickFat / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ pursuit, whirlwind, curse
    Riolu (Adamant / Prankster / -SpAtk / Luxury) w/ bullet punch, crunch, high jump kick, sky uppercut
    Larvitar (Adamant / Guts / -SpAtk / Safari) w/ dragon dance, stealth rock, pursuit, iron head
    Scyther (Adamant / Technician / -SpAtk / Sport) w/ baton pass, night slash, defog, steel wing
    Eevee (Timid / Anticipation,NormalAbilities / -Atk / Dream w/ wish, yawn
    Skarmory (Impish / Sturdy,KeenEye / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ brave bird, stealth rock, whirlwind, curse
    Starly (Jolly,Adamant / Reckless,KeenEye, / -SpAtk / Dusk) w/ double edge, pursuit, steel wing, roost
    Togepi (Timid,Modest,Bold / SereneGrace / -Atk / Heal) w/ nasty plot
    Snover (modest,adamant,careful,sassy / snowwarning / -Spe / poke) w/ avalanche, leech seed, growth, seed bomb
    Ralts (Jolly,Adamant / Telepathy,NormalAbilities / -SpAtk / Quick) w/ shadow sneak, confuse ray, destiny bond, hypnosis
    Pichu (Timid / Lightningrod,Static / -Atk / Quick) w/ wish
    Smeargle (Timid / NormalAbilities / -Atk / Premier) (can breed with moody ability and modest)
    Froakie (Timid / Protean,Torrent / -Atk / Ultra)

    Friend Code: 0748 2812 6841
    Pokemon in My Safari: (fairy) togepi, swirlix, floette

    Friend Code: 4554 0315 3768
    Pokemon in My Safari: (normal) minccino, dunsparce, smeargle

    classic car restoration


    took a break for a while but Im back. breeding near flawless pokes in 6th gen currently


    Platinum: 2881 5678 0702
    HeartGold: 4556 9425 2030
    SoulSilver: 5243 8036 0994
    White: 1679 3145 8482
    Black 2: 2452 7537 9730
    X: 0748 2812 6841
    Y: 4554 0315 3768