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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2014
May 8, 2012
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Mechanical Engineer

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FriedChickenTrainer, from 'merica

Windsor358 was last seen:
Dec 28, 2014
    1. Voltageist
      Hey, did you get my message about the Shiny Ditto details? It seems this tablet has problems sending PM's as well.. ^^"
    2. gamemaker
      Thanks fir the trade again man. Maybe again someother time.
    3. gamemaker
      OK. BTW I beat you there haha. Also if you delelted my FC its in my sig.
    4. gamemaker
      Yeah, thats why I gave you a choice at least. I knew that it would be pretty much between the hp or speed. and seeing how its a deffensive poke youll probablly want the Hp one. And Ill be happy to take the first one. Also this was accutally a pretty easy chain. Average length and everything. The bulbasuar i made took like seven different pokes, including Iv breeding. Also how do you order your IVs? Mine go HP/Att/Def/SpA/SpD/Spd. unless you were just talking about the second beldum. EDIT: yes they are both males. I only trade eggmove pokes if theyre male
    5. gamemaker
      Awesome. Yeah to get it I had to breed a piggey with a hoothoot to get whirlwind onto it, then level up hoothoot to learn skyattack. then breed that with a fearow to get drillpeck. then passed the moves onto the skarmory, after teaching the fearow roost. Also which IV one do you want?
    6. gamemaker
      Would you trade a beldum for a skarmory. Its impish natured, Lv1, knows DrillPeck/SkyAttack/Whirlwind/Roost, with 31 IVs in Def/Spd/SpA. I do have one with HP/Def but thats the only flawless stats it has.
    7. ZiR
      Sure! But don't worry about I'll contact you as soon as I get back at the activities. =D
    8. ZiR
      Sure! But I need to advice you that I will travel in the next week (next monday) and I won't be avaliable to trades until 17.IX.2012 (one week offline).
    9. ZiR
      Thanks dude! Have fun with Cresselia and it's clone. =P If you ever get another pokemon with similar IVs, I still can trade my Cyndaquil. =D
    10. ZiR
      Ready come to get your clone 1st.
    11. ZiR
      Sure! This way is easier. I'm coming to wifi room.
    12. ZiR
      Hmm... Pm-me when you are ready.
    13. ZiR
      Yes I know, but still, it sucks to put THIS ribbon in the pokemon just because you cloned, and... oh man! I just forgot, the cloner account is this one: 0132 8907 0777
      The other one I'm using to store my pokemons with nice IVs. Use the new FC to do this job.

      Just to make it clear, you will bring the beldum and Cresselia. Cresselia is for clone one copy, right?
    14. ZiR
      Wait! When you clone with pokechecker you pokemon recieve a ribbon that lock the pokemon for trades?

      This sucks! I can clone your Cresselia. I just can't send you more than 3 Cresselias because of my limited space of my flashcard.
    15. ZiR
      Can you hold a bit more? I'm finishing a clone job.
    16. ZiR
      Thanks dude! Use this FC: 1206 6420 6149
      Trainer: Fabio

      Uh... Which one FC of your sign should I use?
    17. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Inbox full so I have to VM

      Sorry, you sent your messages in the middle of the night/when I am at school from where I am. So I couldn't reply. When can you next trade? (eevee)
    18. RFDarren
      I'd definitely like a copy of that ditto. I'm pretty sure I can get you Drain Punch. I'll see what else I can pull up :)
    19. ZiR
      Hey! Your Pm box is full so I'll offer in your VM.

      Would you trade your Beldum for this Cyndaquil?
      Male, Jolly, IVs: X/X/31/31/31/31; Lv:12 - Up levels by Daycare
      Let me know if you want to trade it. =D
    20. flyer1228
      Thanks for the Trade!
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  • About

    Mechanical Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Heres my 6th gen 5IV pokes. these lists can get really cluttered so mine is in this format: Pokemon (natures/abilities/flawed IV/balls) w/eggmoves. The availability of males and females depends, if youve got a certain gender and combination of other things you wand let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Abra (Timid / MagicGuard / -Atk / Dream) w/ knockoff, skill swap, encore
    Snorlax (Adamant / ThickFat / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ pursuit, whirlwind, curse
    Riolu (Adamant / Prankster / -SpAtk / Luxury) w/ bullet punch, crunch, high jump kick, sky uppercut
    Larvitar (Adamant / Guts / -SpAtk / Safari) w/ dragon dance, stealth rock, pursuit, iron head
    Scyther (Adamant / Technician / -SpAtk / Sport) w/ baton pass, night slash, defog, steel wing
    Eevee (Timid / Anticipation,NormalAbilities / -Atk / Dream w/ wish, yawn
    Skarmory (Impish / Sturdy,KeenEye / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ brave bird, stealth rock, whirlwind, curse
    Starly (Jolly,Adamant / Reckless,KeenEye, / -SpAtk / Dusk) w/ double edge, pursuit, steel wing, roost
    Togepi (Timid,Modest,Bold / SereneGrace / -Atk / Heal) w/ nasty plot
    Snover (modest,adamant,careful,sassy / snowwarning / -Spe / poke) w/ avalanche, leech seed, growth, seed bomb
    Ralts (Jolly,Adamant / Telepathy,NormalAbilities / -SpAtk / Quick) w/ shadow sneak, confuse ray, destiny bond, hypnosis
    Pichu (Timid / Lightningrod,Static / -Atk / Quick) w/ wish
    Smeargle (Timid / NormalAbilities / -Atk / Premier) (can breed with moody ability and modest)
    Froakie (Timid / Protean,Torrent / -Atk / Ultra)

    Friend Code: 0748 2812 6841
    Pokemon in My Safari: (fairy) togepi, swirlix, floette

    Friend Code: 4554 0315 3768
    Pokemon in My Safari: (normal) minccino, dunsparce, smeargle

    classic car restoration


    took a break for a while but Im back. breeding near flawless pokes in 6th gen currently


    Platinum: 2881 5678 0702
    HeartGold: 4556 9425 2030
    SoulSilver: 5243 8036 0994
    White: 1679 3145 8482
    Black 2: 2452 7537 9730
    X: 0748 2812 6841
    Y: 4554 0315 3768