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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2014
May 8, 2012
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Mechanical Engineer

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FriedChickenTrainer, from 'merica

Windsor358 was last seen:
Dec 28, 2014
    1. flyer1228
      Okay, Awesome! XD
    2. flyer1228
      Entering room.
    3. flyer1228
      Yup I can trade.
    4. flyer1228
      Sure I can trade you the 2 shinies for the uncloned psyduck. :) (I value uncloned)
    5. flyer1228
      Yup. What can I get you in return?
    6. NightCrow
      alright, i'm coming with the Tms right now :) by the way, i don't think that you have to catch 4 pokemon later, you can use the same pokemon i'm giving you now, just take the TMs from them first.
    7. NightCrow
      i hope we have enough time to do the whole trade, i'll go out with my family soon so before our time run out here my fc: 3740 6293 4566
    8. NightCrow
      sorry it took me a while to respond, i was a little busy with something..anyway, can you trade for the lucky egg now or it's too late for today?
    9. NightCrow
      i see, we have a difference of 8 hours between us XD i wonder what time would work for us the best. i have to wake up early in sunday so i'll be off at 11 PM, what about you?
    10. NightCrow
      yup, can you trade now or later today?
    11. NightCrow
      i have checked which TMs i have in heart gold and here the the results:
      roost, focus blast, false swipe, drain punch, embargo, shadow claw, payback, flash, avavlanche, sleep talk, natural gift, swagger, pluck and u-turn.
    12. NightCrow
      it is my lucky day :D now i'll gain more EXP from the victory road's trainers, after getting the badge from volkner i did nothing in the game, so there are a bunch of trainer i can battle and get alot of EXP.
    13. flyer1228
      Any is fine. I figure at some point in my life I will train all the IV bred/ Eggmoved pokemon. XD
    14. flyer1228
      Yeah that'd be awesome. XD
    15. flyer1228
      Sigh. I must be the most stupid person on the world. :/ I released it.
    16. Bumbleurtle
      Okay! I'll be waiting :)
    17. flyer1228
      Hey there! I can trade now.
    18. NightCrow
      that gonna be really helpful :D i have no plans of training any different pokemon or do a wi-fi battles in the future so all of my TMs are available :P
    19. NightCrow
      i think that their moves are just fine, i just need to raise their level, so lucky egg is the only thing i need..well, that and also rare candies.
      anyway, if you want any TM above of 50#, that all i've got in diamond ( i can check what i have in HG too as well) :
      roost. brine, fling, charge beam, drain punch, shadow claw, payback, rock polish, avalanche, stealth rock, psych up, dream eater, substitute and trick room.
    20. flyer1228
      No problem. I still have it, but I can't trade now.
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  • About

    Mechanical Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Heres my 6th gen 5IV pokes. these lists can get really cluttered so mine is in this format: Pokemon (natures/abilities/flawed IV/balls) w/eggmoves. The availability of males and females depends, if youve got a certain gender and combination of other things you wand let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Abra (Timid / MagicGuard / -Atk / Dream) w/ knockoff, skill swap, encore
    Snorlax (Adamant / ThickFat / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ pursuit, whirlwind, curse
    Riolu (Adamant / Prankster / -SpAtk / Luxury) w/ bullet punch, crunch, high jump kick, sky uppercut
    Larvitar (Adamant / Guts / -SpAtk / Safari) w/ dragon dance, stealth rock, pursuit, iron head
    Scyther (Adamant / Technician / -SpAtk / Sport) w/ baton pass, night slash, defog, steel wing
    Eevee (Timid / Anticipation,NormalAbilities / -Atk / Dream w/ wish, yawn
    Skarmory (Impish / Sturdy,KeenEye / -SpAtk / Heavy) w/ brave bird, stealth rock, whirlwind, curse
    Starly (Jolly,Adamant / Reckless,KeenEye, / -SpAtk / Dusk) w/ double edge, pursuit, steel wing, roost
    Togepi (Timid,Modest,Bold / SereneGrace / -Atk / Heal) w/ nasty plot
    Snover (modest,adamant,careful,sassy / snowwarning / -Spe / poke) w/ avalanche, leech seed, growth, seed bomb
    Ralts (Jolly,Adamant / Telepathy,NormalAbilities / -SpAtk / Quick) w/ shadow sneak, confuse ray, destiny bond, hypnosis
    Pichu (Timid / Lightningrod,Static / -Atk / Quick) w/ wish
    Smeargle (Timid / NormalAbilities / -Atk / Premier) (can breed with moody ability and modest)
    Froakie (Timid / Protean,Torrent / -Atk / Ultra)

    Friend Code: 0748 2812 6841
    Pokemon in My Safari: (fairy) togepi, swirlix, floette

    Friend Code: 4554 0315 3768
    Pokemon in My Safari: (normal) minccino, dunsparce, smeargle

    classic car restoration


    took a break for a while but Im back. breeding near flawless pokes in 6th gen currently


    Platinum: 2881 5678 0702
    HeartGold: 4556 9425 2030
    SoulSilver: 5243 8036 0994
    White: 1679 3145 8482
    Black 2: 2452 7537 9730
    X: 0748 2812 6841
    Y: 4554 0315 3768