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  • Back where it all started, huh.

    Cant believe it had to come to this.

    I wish I could get a second chance, but I guess you think we are past that, huh.

    Oh well. I still wish you well, after all these years.

    I've been fine though! Bored as heck but whatever.

    Also I uhh... Accidentally deleted my Tumblr. I remade it but I've mostly just been working on my askblogs and have used my Twitter more anyway. I haven't touched my Tumblr in like a month.
    Cool! So then I'll send them all the clones as well as what you wanted yeah? (I don't remember what you wanted haha, but I'll look it up and clone it as well. And to confirm, it was 2 plus the original that go back to you?)
    Agh sorry, I was gonna message you but my systems are acting up today haha. Gotcha! I would like his nickname to be Adun. I'll keep him off my lists along with Shade's Dialga! Thank ye! C:
    Hi WindStorm! I recently pre-ordered Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon! I'm picking it up on release day as long as I can get to Gamestop on that day. I can't go if it's a Sunday. I haven't checked to see if Nov 20th is a Sunday or not. Are you getting it on launch day?
    I agree, Gates to Infinity wasn't that great. I still play Explorers of Sky though since that ones the best in my opinion. When Super Mystery Dungeon comes out I want to be a Froakie with my partner as Treecko. Before the game was announced, I was hoping that they would make a new PMD game and that Iw ould be able to play as Froakie. Froakie and Treecko are my two favorite starters. What's your team going to be?
    Okay! I still have that FC but I haven't seen any activity for you on my friend's list so maybe you don't have my FC registered. Mine is 2277-6721-8461. Changing subjects, I'm looking forward to Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon! I've played every single PMD game including every version! I forgot, do you like PMD?
    Hi WindStorm! It's been a long time! Sorry I've been gone for so long. My cousin had to come live with us back in 2013 so we've been focusing on taking care of him. I'll try to get back into the swing of being on here. By the way, did you change your 3ds? I've noticed you haven't connected to the internet from the FC you gave me years ago. If you have changed it let me know.
    My eye site is pretty damn fine and my one of my friends can barely see half a meter in front of her without glasses.
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