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    It snows a lot here. I'm pretty sure we've got something around 5-6 inches from yesterday's snow.(Why couldn't today be a school day no one wants to go to school in the cold)

    I can try helping if you want me to? I can try breeding and/or chaining too. I've been trying to chain a shiny Furfrou in that area anyway, for my sister. I could try going for a Skiddo too though. Although I'm still not getting very long chains, I can keep trying.
    ^_^ I'm glad you've been great till now, but I hope your throat feels better soon ;__; Anything I could do to help? *assuming it still hurts and my reply hasn't come too late to be relevant xD
    YAYAYAYAYA *Tackle hugs back*

    Michigan is a very cold state. I'm glad it's not Alaska though. That would be WAY to cold. Where you live is warm... Except I'd hate 90 degree weather I'm afraid of the weather where you live in the Summer.

    I ALMOST SUCCESFULLY CHAINED A SHINY SKIDDO. Then a Pancham broke the chain. I say 'almost' because it had to have been a chain of at least 30. That's the longest chain I've ever gotten in any game with the Pokeradar. I just wanted to try it out. My second highest chain is about 4 though... I guess I got lucky.
    *Hugggggggsssssss* You'll get better. *tries to send happiness*. We haven't hugged in a long time. We're never on at the same time anymore.

    School crud. Blehhhh. Other than that I've been a lazy bum at home because there's no way I'm going out in this kind of weather. -2 degrees? No thanks. (Yet we still have school in it)

    Maybe someday that'll be an actual thing in game. that would be fun. I didn't have a single dragon on my team. I am trying to train and evolve my Skrelp right now though, but I've been kinda lazy.
    Do not worry human you will be okay. *hugs*

    I'm meh. *Hugs again*

    There was a glitch where Pokemon would appear colorless, almost completely white, but the patch fixed it. They may be getting less special, but they're still nice to find randomly at least! Okay I'm stuck on what to say right now. I do like a lot of Pokemon their normal color, like even though everyone seems to wants a shiny Dragonite, I think it looks better orange, but that's just me.
    Here's a video link of why we and my cousin aren't allowed to do stuff without his wife

    Why are you in pain?


    I didn't really care about them being easier to find, I just really like their color schemes as shinies, especially Greninja. Though it's true that shinies aren't as rare as they used to be, it's still nice to get them! That's why after getting Froakie I plan to stop. Maybe it's also because I find it fun? I don't know... They really should have kept that 'albino' Pokemon glitch, that would have been cool as a real thing.
    ...no ._.
    Our last convo was on January 2012, now its almost January 2014, it's almost 2 years mannn LOLLL.
    Well, for someone your age, it's definitely impressive. I definitely appreciate the thought, especially on a forum such as this one.

    You're right in that regard. If you want want to try and be successful, college is a very logical choice. You also come to realize, though, that not everyone in college is as smart as you would expect of a college student.

    Yeah, this is the first, and probably only time I'll change my name. I've wanted to do so for awhile now, but I never could think of a name I liked until recently. Though if someone wants to change their name time and time again, then I won't question it. I don't see much point in changing my name so often myself.

    Well, in two weeks, I have finals, and then I have my month-long winter break. I'm looking forward to finishing up the semester too. Relaxing at home for a month without much worry sound great about now.
    Haha it is ok, it is a forum to chat after all!

    Lol I already have a team for battling. At least you enjoy it...what you are in rage for this game?

    Dooooooooffff Biddddd

    I am really happy right now because I finally hatched my shiny Phantump! (It took over 1000 eggs) I named him Roanoke, and I plan to make a character out of him. Next hunt I plan is Froakie! But much later.
    Yup I maybe inactive once I am doing attachment to an organisation. It is like gaining experience and help out the supervisor yup!

    I saw you playing 6th Pokemon game sometimes when I go online to play in the safari. Having fun?
    xD *is glomped back* And I've been great as well :D Though I totally know that feels about life changing @___@
    I DIDN'T DO THAT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I SWEAR. I thought I deleted the extras but I guess not. IT WAS STILL AN ACCIDENT.

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