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  • Well, you could say the same thing about me too. I should have been killed off via natural selection years ago, but here I am breathing and such.
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Subphylum: Vertebrata
    Class: Mammalia
    Subclass: Theria
    Infraclass: Eutheria
    Order: Primates
    Suborder: Anthropoidea
    Superfamily: Hominoidea
    Family: Hominidae
    Genus: Homo
    Species: Sapiens
    Terribly sorry. My friend printed that out and stuck it to our favourite teacher's whiteboard last year, good times.

    Avast also said it blocked suspicious sites (so GIFs and images I guess), I knew those cat pictures had some hidden agenda.

    Not sure if you watch much anime, but you're getting Kyubey anyway

    Apparently we have 283 pages on conversation through VM alone? Crazy. Also, if I ever try to go advanced on a post in our conversation it tries to load everything and my internet crashes, too many GIFs.

    Yeah, the first time is really hard to understand. Same thing happened to me. No one really bothered explaining anything to me. But then other times I've played it's been a ton of fun. Like, one of my current characters is a sassy dragonborn ranger who really likes treasure. Another one of my characters is a really deadpan psychic who is the wife of a god of nightmares. My third one is a grumpy lionfolk warlord who's seen too much of war. I could go on for days about my characters and their adventures.

    Sometimes I do that. There are some people that I watch pretty much everything that they put out. Like Markiplier and Captain Bugman.
    We are Dungeons and Dragons players. We sometimes roleplay outside of the actual game. It's a lot of fun to do.

    Maybe so. Or watch vinesauce. They're really funny. Not sure if you watch their stuff, but they're great.
    I'm pretty good. A tad bit tired, but I spent the afternoon with a friend of mine talking about roleplays we're doing.

    I think for me, distracted is a better word to use. Same reason I don't go to cracked.com anymore and try and avoid TV tropes.
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