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  • Hi, yes you may join the club, I haven't checked to see if you've been on The Boys and Girls Club yet, but there are a couple things you need to do first. You must read the club rules which are located on the 1st page. It looks like you're new here and you don't know the Serebii rules yet, and those are part of the club rules, double posting is a BIG no no, make sure you read those to so you know what to do and what not to do. After you do that, you just need to make a post on the club saying that you want to join and that's it! ^_^ All the instructions are on the 1st page, u should read it! :p Hope you join! ^_^

    sorry didn't know about double posting.
    Did you read the rules? you probably should.

    BTW, visitor messages are like this one I'm sending now. Click on my profile, my name (or anyone else's) and there should be a text box where you can type.

    Hey, post throughvisitor messages, it's easier. Unless your saying personal stuff, then stick with PMs. I'm guessing Pyrozard is Morgan?

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