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  • I heard Shonen Jump wanted the mangaka to make it go as long as they let it go, which seems fair, I guess

    Yeah, Medaka Box is pretty good. Or at least, the Abnormal, Minus, and the Not Equal arcs are some of the best things ever
    That's why I love her. Never. That's how it'll work

    Zokuowarimonogatari and another one? Or just that one? Because they already released Owarimonogatari. I hope NisiOisin does another Shonen Jump series. Kumagawa was fantastic
    Chitoge is my second favorite, so... I love how much attention Tsugumi gets, too. It's great. I don't like most of the others though. They don't really work for me

    I saw that. I sworn to god she's gonna be a main antagonist since her first appearance, but I hope she stays with Araragi after it's all over

    Yep, she was one of the first things announced. Also, TsugumixRaku

    I would love that. I think Ougi already is or something, but I can totally see her living forever with Shinobu and Araragi
    And it has a lot to do with music, too. It's a more of a coming of age story, but it's great. Kinda rushed, but great

    No, the one Shaft is introducing. The news girl or whatever. What is she going to do to affect the story?

    I did now. Sad she left, but I was spoiled she was leaving at some point already, so it lost impact for me. Anyway, love Ougi Oshino. I just don't know why, but she leaves a big impact on me for some reason
    Yep. Rather recent, too. Spring 2012. SoL, but great

    I agree. I'm just wondering what the point is of the new character

    Not yet. My computer is hating me right now
    It will. The director still has his skills, just watch Kids on the Slope

    Shaft is reliable. It'll either be good and funny, good, or scenery porn
    Oh, shoot, that too.

    But it's gonna be a long year till next fall. Fall season always seems to be the best season every year
    Or whenever Jojo Part 3 anime comes
    Or the portable version, also ten bucks with a more balanced fighting system, but not the extra story mode

    I think I got 2 shows that will be in my top ten at the end of December, and another one in March. Damn it Kill la Kill, Kyousou Giga, and Monogatari
    Persona 3 off PSN. 10 dollars, and it's the FES version, which has another paet to it

    So many great anime this season. Golden Time, Hajime no Ippo, Non Non Biyori, Kyousougiga, Kuroko's Basketball, Ace of the Diamond, Kill la Kill, Nagi no Asukara, Log Horizon, Little Busters! ~Refrain~, and the long runners like One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and Space Bros. Then the rest is okay, I guess. Oh and Monogatari. Can.t forgeg that
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