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  • It is, you should

    Xillia 2 is already getting localized. No confirmed release date yet, but I would assume around August
    Well, Persona 3 is only 10 bucks on PSN, and if you buy FES, it's essentially 2 games

    I think there was an interview stating they won't be localized. Plus, the localilazation staff is barely big enough to
    do the main console games. Pretty much the only reason Symphonia HD and Xillia 2 are both coming next year is because they don't have to do much for Symphonia
    4 is in my top 5. 3 probably would be too, if and when I complete it. If you have a Vita, Golden is a must buy. And if your PS3 works, P3: FES is only 10 bucks and is over 100 hours of gameplay, at least for me and I have never completed it. Also Shin Megami Tensei in general is something you should get. 3 on the 3DS, but 2 are ports. Also Etrian Odyssey IV and U, RF4, and PxZ are RPG's you should have for the 3DS. And Virtue's Last Reward to just be safe. And FE:A. My 17 game 3DS, 8 game Vita, 2 game Wii U game collection should not be scoffed at.

    Also, got Hearts R and Innocence R. So hard to play.
    They said it'd make it more expensive, which I doubt, but I won't do much about it. So long as I can download Persona 3 day one onto the PS4 and finally finish it

    There will be one in Japan by 2015, I bet. I'll be pissed if next year's isn't, but I won't care too much
    I thought it would be better to continue the conversation here.

    I'm sad I can't play PS3 games on the PS4, though. So that means either digital and no preorder goodies for Xillia 2 or Symphonia HD, or I get them, and have to spend an extra 100 dollars on the games. Damn the PS3
    Hooray! <3
    It's a pretty easy-to-miss sidequest, I think. <.>
    What really bothers me is that the characters' official art doesn't look like any of the other characters. I mean, I know Legendia had a different character designer, but... Eh, at least it makes the Legendia characters stand out. X.x
    I guess that's good for the people that shipped them \o/.
    He's gotta be.... tortured first. >:0

    I'm on my 6th now.... I didn't do the collector book thing for the first and second, and I tried on my third, and.. then I kind of forgot about it. D,:
    I see. I guess i'll abuse the link system even more than you're probably supposed to, then.
    I wish I could play Legendia (even if it's not liked by most people >^>)...
    That's sweet. :> I don't know too much about Graces' ending, other than Assbel Asbel gets married to Cheria and adopts Sophie though. >.> Unless that's what you're talking about lol.
    Dammit Jade, Dist just wants to be your friend. ;-;

    I guess I'm just lazy, lol.
    I really hope Xillia is easy no matter what your tales experience is. I mean, I've only played Abyss and Phantasia (GBA), so...
    Malik is cool too ("A man speaks with his back!!") I also like Cheria, Sophie, and Hubert (kind of).
    Dist is cute to me. <.> He's so dorky and weird and he tries so hard...and that makes him cute. D:

    I never do the item book thing. It's too much work, really. (That's the only title I don't have in Abyss actually. The one Jade gets for completing the collector's book)
    I should practice more!!
    Which boss was it? :0 Also, how do you feel about Pascal? I personally think she's really annoying (but not annoying enough to make me hate her).
    I love his Japanese name. <.> it sounds so...beauteous. *^* Dist is super creepy as a child. I remember after doing the Nebilim sidequest, I rushed out to Yulia city to see young jade and dist's character models, and...Bleh. Young dist looked better in the anime. >.> I always knew jade did drugs...

    I use the grade shop bonuses for stupid stuff, like character book data. <.> And also titles, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: ad skills (it took me about four playthroughs to get all for every character, except Asch) Unknown mode is really, really hard though. Especially Arietta at Choral Castle, omg. Evil Light does so much damage!!!!!!!!1 I suck at doing combos. *cries* So, I do the 8 hits, and then an Arcane arte + base arte + arcane and then I try to hit again and the combo breaks. ;-; Oh well, at least I can spell cancel with Natalia and Tear. Why Graces?
    He's only 35. D; Jeido's JP va didn't sound that old, and they're the same age! ...come to think of it, Jade looks so much younger than Raven. X.x I wonder what beauty products he uses.

    Yeah, I'm weird like that. >.>
    It's my fave too (/obvious). <.> Im actually playing an Unknown mode run right now (I'm at the Absorption gate, almost at the first Van battle).
    Oh, and while we're on the topic, I think Raven's JP voice is weird too. It makes him sound TOO old. @-@

    Yes, I know... I really didnt mind him that much after the haircut, but I completely understand why people hate him. ._. I mean, Luke is a terrible character. One of the worst, I'd say. But I still like him a lot... You can interpret that any way you want lol
    Maybe I'm just not used to her voice, then...?

    Aw don't be like that. ;-; The only reason I like Luke so much is because of how he acts at the end of the game... And some other factors, but how he acts at Eldrant is the primary reason as to why I like him.
    I guess i'll just have to play and see... I don't mind Elize's, Leia's, or Jude's. .-. I really REALLY hope Ludger doesn't get a crappy voice actor... That would ruin him for me. ;-; (And I know that during the first playthrough he only talks at certain times, like when calling out artes)

    I've never heard it in Japanese. D: Ive heard Karol and Rita's though, and they were pretty bad compaired to their English versions. I heard. I'll just use a walkthrough or something if I import it, I guess...
    Is Milla even a decent character? I've heard so many mixed reviews about her, lol. Some think she's THE BEST FEMALE TALES CHARACTER EVER!!!!1 and some think she's boring. .-. I really like her design, but her English voice is so ugly...
    I'm still indifferent.
    I do like Estelle, but i hate her voice with a passion. It's so....high pitched. <.> I don't have an Xbox anymore. :/ but I've read about most the stuff that happens, and I'll probably get the ps3 version eventually.
    Im getting Xillia soon <3. People really hate Jude in the US. ._.; I personally like him a lot, even if he has a weird crush on Milla.
    My life is... It's...*runs away*
    Eh, I'm indifferent to him. I don't like him or hate him, really. He's just kinda...there. ~.~ Poor Patty. ;^;
    Raven, Judith, Flynn, Estelle (that voice though), Rita, Karol, and Patty are my faves. .-. Yeah, that's a lot of characters, I know.
    I can't help it. D: I actually haven't spoiled myself on Xillia or Xillia 2, though. It takes all my willpower not to read their tvtropes pages. ;0;
    I thought it effected the scene at Flanoir too?
    I like Rita too. I'm more of a Raven and Judith (and Flynn!!) fan though. <.>
    No. ;-; But, due to my lack of self control, I know pretty much everything about the characters and the story line. ^^ Hmm... I do want my friendship with Sheena to be high... I'll have to remember that. ^^
    Zelos gets an Alvin costume. <3 And Sheena gets a Judith costume... *fangirl squee*. Colette gets a Rita costume, which I personally find weird. X.x they're nothing alike lol (I think).
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