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  • Oh yeah, Gale of Darkness was incredible. It's a shame we haven't really gotten anything like that since.

    GracefulShipping = Winona x Wallace. IT IS THE GREATEST SHIP EVER AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS A HERETIC- uhm. Sorry 'bout that.
    I think the 3D is done rather well, personally. Definitely a step up, though it does make a lot of cities look smaller.

    As a side-note, what do you think of GracefulShipping?
    Around one and a half to two feet is the average level, I think. I guess all those lift kits are finally good for something.

    I think I'd like Valerie a lot more if she didn't have alien eyes. Seriously, she looks like she escaped from Area 51 or something.

    I actually don't have ORAS! But I've been meaning to get Alpha Sapphire soon, so... we'll see how far I get.
    I'm doing alright. I've got like six days off of school because of the flooding in South Carolina - and my street is completely dry! :D

    First-best gym leader? Just look at my avatar.
    You should. There's been a lot of good seasons after Hoenn.

    I'm doing well.

    Winona has such an adorable voice in the dub. :)
    Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza are three of my favorite Legendary Pokémon.

    I haven't been to the beach much this summer. :(
    Nice. I love the Hoenn remakes. I played Alpha Sapphire not too long ago. :)

    Going well. How about yours? Getting a tan? :)
    its understandable I have been pretty busy myself since I work alot I will be on most of the day tommorow since I am off from work so hopefully we can catch eachother and I know I don't clean them out much at all because they always fill up way to fast half the time.
    Well not sure, it was a very long exam and we only had a small amount of time, so I don't think I did so well, but I don't feel so bad because not only I, but the whole class in general was not able to finish either. :/
    Woooow Awesome! I never learned how to play the card game for Pokémon, only collected them. :)
    Hey!!! I am doing well, sorry for the late reply, had to study yesterday and today for a big math exam tomorrow. How are you??
    Which Pokemon game I don't like...
    none of the main ones. I've never played any of the gen 1 or 2 games.

    I haven't spent that much time in Shuffle.

    Which Pokemon I don't like?
    Probably Mr Mime is on the top of the list.
    His pantomime against the wall just makes me feel funny.

    I like Scraggy typing and moves but it's UGLY.
    I enjoyed Black and White 2.
    I really liked White Tree Hollow.

    I haven't downloaded Rumble yet.
    Not sure if I'm going to. My least favorite part of Pokemon are the battles and I'm not sure I'd like a free for all.
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