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  • I can sort of kinda try to explain how to crochet if it'll help xD I actually HAVE been wanting to make tutorials, but I've never gotten around to it..
    But oooohh I make plushies, too!! I've made a few out of felt, and 2 out of fleece~ But yeah, I'm still a beginner in that, too. I hand sew everything because I don't know how to use a sewing machine ._. So needless to say that it takes me FOERVER to make one, haha.

    Amigurumi is fun! I'll show you the book that actually taught me how to do everything other than one stitch. My sister taught me the basic stitch, but this book showed me the rest: http://www.amazon.com/Stitch-*****-Crochet-Happy-Hooker/dp/0761139850/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1362626781&sr=8-4&keywords=debbie+stoller
    I first saw it in the bookstore and was attracted to it's bright colors (don't mind the name >__>) and the pictures inside. The pictures are sooo helpful! And she explains things well, too. Buuuut I'm a cheap person and didn't buy it then. But my library actually had that, so I checked it out there and that's when I had my sort of "breakthrough" in crocheting xD I did end up buying it after that, haha.

    Oh, sure!! .....I really need to add my FC to my sig cuz I always go look it up, haha.
    W2: 2666-9983-9495
    B: 2967-8053-8672
    **I don't really play Black now, just W2. So it's up to you whether you wanna add it or not, heh. Actually today I just transferred over my female Squirtle, Servine, Cyndaquil, and Turtwig today xD

    Also I checked out your profile and we have a loooot of things in common :o Tales fans, 19, FEMALE, crafty, have W2, favorite pokemon eevee...
    Hey, thank you! :D
    Umm... hmm.. honestly? It's not really EASY, but it does get easier with practice (typical answer, I know xD). Like I just started out making flat, rectangular things (with many holes in them, I might add). But over time, my stitches got more even, and after I'd made a few scarves, I learned how to make a circle! Then from there I learned how to make 3D shapes. Once you know how to do the 3D shapes and can follow patterns, then it's not too bad. Now I make my things without patterns at all, and I never thought I'd be able to. Like even just a year ago, I was solely depending on other people's patterns to make my things, wondering if I'd ever be able to free-hand things. But look at me now! :'D
    Gosh, long answer, haha.
    Do you crochet?~
    Winona is one of my Favorite Gym Leaders. Especially in the Anime with that Shiny Swellow. :)

    Wow where do I Begin. :p
    I Have Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,Diamond,Pearl,HeartGold,SoulSilver,White,White 2,Black 2,FireRed, and Colosseum.
    I Used to have Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Crystal, and Pinball.
    I plan on getting Pokemon Black and Platinum on Amazon. :)
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