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Last Activity:
Oct 27, 2016
Mar 11, 2012
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Cashier, actually.

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Human, from Today

Wintendo was last seen:
Oct 27, 2016
    1. BayBird
      I would guess that 1 in every 20 users nails it. I rage whenever I see defiantly come up in its place. Raaage. They have no idea it's a different word entirely.

      I just remember when you had a Metapod avatar. Bug fan?

      And I also recall the trolling you did. I don't care if you deny it haha. I ****ing loved it.
    2. BayBird
      I love seeing a user friend me and it not being someone random whom I don't recognize. I recognize your name haha. I haven't seen many of your posts lately in any of the Gen VI threads. Kinda miss it.
    3. WNDR
      Hey, with pokemon you never know!
    4. WNDR
      Hey bro, didn't want to keep going over the same argument in the thread, doubt we'll convince each other either way, sorry I misread your post, I see what you mean on evolutionary lines now, I personally wouldn't calculate it that way but each to their own.

      No hard feeling though I hope!
    5. poix_the_yak
      They are both good for their own things. Sriracha is great on pizza, pork, ramen, sandwiches. Tobasco is best in tomato juice and with veggies.
    6. SlimShady
      Thank you!
    7. Archstaraptor
      PS can be used in the Cult Renegade -welcome to the tournament!
      If you could find one more person who'd be interested in this tournament,I'd be grateful.I'm facing shutting the entire thing down if we don't get the first tournament over with.
    8. Sworn Metalhead
      Sworn Metalhead
      Your order is ready over at my shop.
    9. Celestial Moth
      Celestial Moth
      Hey, with the userbars in the sig thing, go into your sig settings, in settings, then click the small picture icon in which says insert pic.
      After you do this and a pop up pops up, enter into the URL option the URL location of the userbar you want. You can do this by right clicking on the userbar you wish, and then selecting copy image URL.
      Copy and paste the URL location into the URL section of the insert image pop up, in sig settings. But make sure you unselect the retrieve thing that is below the URL spot otherwise it wont work..
      Soo now if you do and understand this :P you should be bale to get a userbar into your sig :D
    10. YellowHat's Revenge
      YellowHat's Revenge
      I pride myself in spelling. Most of the time, anyway. haha
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  • About

    Cashier, actually.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Holding out for Moon.

    Games (especially 2D platformers), drumming and music, reading, waiting for gen 7


    Notice how small and modest my signature is. Yay! You can see more than one post at a time! Isn't that just wonderful?