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  • hey there, just letting you know that my games are finally cooperating so we can discuss our trade if you wish. When possible pm me your list of pokemon and we will make arrangements from there ok? Since you want Fennekin and the Diancie I'd like 4 pokemon (2 per), so send me the list of anything and everything.
    As a result of inactivity between June 14 and the time of this message, your claim on Lampent on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    I have a modest Elgyem with synchronize first in my party, so hopefully the litwick will have that nature too. But other than that I'm just meeting litwick and fleeing as fast as I can. I saw in your post in the shiny thread that this was your first time here in some time. The fact that you are searching for a litwick, like me, is a little funny, because this weekend, more than 20 people joined a community weekend litwick-hunt. So the whole friday, everybody was RE-ing litwicks :D
    peoples last chance today i'm not going to hang on this site forever, but send me an email to halloweefan@gmail.com to tell me when you are able to trade i get my emals in every half an hour so i should be able to catch you :) btw you sent the message at 8:13 my time... i was still in bed peachy x'(
    oh ok. ^^; sweet of you. if you get on within the next hour I could trade with you. if not then I will check back again sometime in the morning. it's 11:13pm where I'm at. sorry I've been taking so long with replying and stuff. haven't really been on the site and this site doesn't load sometimes! x_x
    Sorry about the delay. I have a job now, and it has been keeping me very busy. Where are you now, so that I can check the time zone converter and see how our times match up?
    also, I have no idea what to give you. :( I have nothing rare or good to give away. I haven't touched my pokemon game in two - three months!
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