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  • Hey i saw that in recent happenings thread that you said you've nearly reached 8192, but you do know that each random pokemon has a one in 8192 chance of being shiny? Because you don't just keep going till you get to 8192
    Hey, how did you go about getting that shiny Vulpix? Shinies seem to be a puzzle to be still. :) Sorry for the n00b question!
    Nah I've missed one of them so far, and a shiny that I caught is better then one picked up though =p although shiny Raikou is pretty epic looking..
    I've never played any of the Golden Sun games before, what kind of a game is it exactly?
    Hey, how goes with you? All I've been doing in hunting once I got shiny Groudon and havent seen a siny since then =/
    Trophy Garden is on Route 212 (you have to go to Mr. Backlot's mansion). You may find a swarm of wild Eevee there every once in a while, everyday that "swarm" is reset.
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