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Wishmaker Latias
Last Activity:
Mar 27, 2019
Jul 12, 2013
Likes Received:
May 11, 1998 (Age: 20)
groove crusadin'

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Wishmaker Latias

Steps to Ascension, 20, from MIA

I'm not a wishing well, stop throwing coins at me! Apr 15, 2018

Wishmaker Latias was last seen:
Mar 27, 2019
    1. Nightmare Fuel
      Nightmare Fuel
      yo yo yo
      1. Wishmaker Latias
        Wishmaker Latias
        I was warned to stay away far from you.
        Sep 6, 2018
    2. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Heyaaaaa there~ Sunshinemasterking
      1. Wishmaker Latias
        Wishmaker Latias
        Oh hai!
        It's been a while, but more importantly, OKAMI ON SWITCH!
        Like I've been nagging Trickster Zorua to get it for like two days now :p
        Aug 10, 2018
    3. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      I'm not a wishing well, stop throwing coins at me!
    4. Goggled Petilil
      Goggled Petilil
      The games or the story itself?

      For the games, there are a few versions of each game. For instance, the original Kingdom Hearts has it's vanilla version (just called Kingdom Hearts) and a "Final Mix" version, which is an updated re-release of the game including new features, bosses story and improved gameplay and graphics. Then there is the "HD 1.5 ReMIX" version, which is just a collection that includes the Final Mix version.
      If you want to get into Kingdom Hearts then I recommend you get a PS4 as you can legit get the whole experience on that one console. Seriously, it's amazing.

      You can get "Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX" which is a combo pack that includes those two previous ReMIX collections and thus contains:
      -Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
      -Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Not Playable, but does include all the cutscenes from that game in HD and a few more along with extra info)
      -Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (Same as 358/2 Days)

      Then you can get Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, which is essentially like the ReMIX's and includes:
      -Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
      -Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- (Completely new to this collection)
      -Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (Original movie to explain the plot of Kingdom Hearts χ)
    5. Goggled Petilil
      Goggled Petilil
      And then of course there will be Kingdom Hearts III later this year to tie it all up.
      I know this all seems like a lot (I mean, the series is 16 years old by now) but if you wanna get into the series, now is the perfect time to get into it as you can experience everything on just one console.
      Just be sure not to get all excited and skip some games, let's say only play the numbered games. KH2 will leave you very confused if you jump into it after KH1 and skipping Chain of Memories and KH3 will just make your head explode.
      If you want the optimal experience, I'd recommend playing the games in order of release. So:
      -Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories
      -Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
      -Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix
      -Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
      -Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
      -Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep
      -Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover

      Usually you'll hear people complain about how complicated and confusing the story is, but it's not that hard to follow if you're aware of each game's contribution to the story. So again, don't dismiss the non-numbered games as they are just as important.
      Hope this helped. Sorry for the wall of text.
    6. Wolfaotic
      Oh god, what have you got in store for me this time?
    7. Wolfaotic
      I’m also psychic, so pixie dust won’t hurt as much! :3

      I was never a wolf! I’m really a dragon.
    8. Wolfaotic
      Because I'm an untrustworthy and very shady character, of course!

      Fairy dust won't affect this bulb. It's poisonous.
    9. Wolfaotic
      I was framed for stealing the picture frame of the Great Gay Wolf. >.>

      Ow? I think this bulb is part of me now.
    10. Wolfaotic
      I was banned from the gathering years ago ripperoni

      Yes please. I need this off of me before it consumes me.
    11. Wolfaotic
      Atm, I only know of Amaterasu, that Link guy I went on an adventure with to save his friends, and uh... some golden wolf guy.

      Is it the bulb on my back?
    12. Wolfaotic
      Yeah, you've got the wrong wolf...
      I did see her the other day, though! She said I looked funny!
    13. Wolfaotic
      You never really explained how I saved the world.
    14. spyrois2cool
      I won’t bring it up. But I do know what you’re talking about.

    15. spyrois2cool
    16. Wolfaotic
      She disappeared into the void. Rip in pieces.
    17. MegaMaster#1
      It's a new year, spare me :P
    18. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Happy New Year!
    19. Shayminslicker
      A lot of people like TTYD a lot more than any other Paper Mario game. If you ask me I like the first three Paper Mario games despite SPM being very different.

      I actually didn't know that. I thought if you got hit once then you didn't get the achievement. It's like that one achievement in Mega Man 10 where you get it if you don't get hit a single time.
      And wow. I didn't know you can make something that great with the graffiti mode. It just sucks that you can't share sprays because you spend all that time on one spray and you probably won't use it again once you're done with the game.

      Honestly, I agree with you on the whole loot box thing. I wanted to buy Star Wars Battlefront 2, but once I heard what they were doing with the lootboxes I changed my mind. These things deserve to go straight to hell. We should earn these things in game instead of paying for them.

      Also, I wanted to say this: Merry Christmas!
    20. Wolfaotic
      The image is broken rip
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    May 11, 1998 (Age: 20)
    groove crusadin'
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    1779 1755 8755
    *Screaming, smashing things*